TICK TOCK: Senate Huddles as Deadline Approaches, Time to Pass Budget or SHUT IT DOWN | Sean Hannity

The United States Senate huddled Friday afternoon to reach a last-minute agreement that would avoid a partial government shutdown; struggling to reach a bipartisan deal that would secure over $5 billion for border security.

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Shut it down Mr. President, even if it takes a year!!

Schumer and the liberal media keep trying to convince everyone that a majority of Americans don’t want a shutdown, however if you read comments on ALL sites you’ll see quite the opposite.
Schumer telling everyone a wall won’t work. Really? How would can he say that with such certainty when we don’t have a wall to begin with?
This guy is a fraud that New York keeps playing along with and expects the entire country to buy in. Schumer, not everyone is as stupid as you’d believe.
You are suffering from a severe case of Trump derangement. You’ll do ANYTHING to oppose him. Even if it means Americans are killed or hurt in the process, regardless of how much it will cost. You just don’t care about your own citizens.