"Tick Tock" How the Hannity, Carter and Solomon Time Bomb continues to tick, or does it?


Unless you’ve been sleeping for the last two years. The phrase “Tick Tock”, should not come as a shock. Since day one of The Trump Administration and The Left and the Deep State’s obvious Coup. Hannity and his hired guns have threatened undeniable, indisputable evidence of crimes being committed by those involved in The Great American Coup. This writer believes that there is no doubt an active attempt to subvert The Will of The American Voter. Mueller, The Left, The Democrats, and The Republican Party are all involved up to their Taxpayer funded neckties, but “Tick Tock” every other week is getting as old as “Russia, Russia, Russia”. So myself and many, many others would like to ask one special favor from our top three favorite Conservative Reporters and Writers. Please refrain from using the phrase “Tick Tock”. It’s turning into a channel changer.


Question: You scold our host and his associates for promising evidence of corruption in the Muller investigation but never providing anything apart from rumor, speculation, and innuendo, yet you still are convinced “The Left, The Democrats, and The Republican Party are all involved up to their Taxpayer funded neckties” (in something)…

Why is that?


The Sara Carter subforum is a weird place.


What do you think is a rumor?


Tick Tock, this thread title is awesome.

Tick Tock, I think our three favorites should keep using that catch phrase.


What about drip drip drip?


Tick Tock is new and fresh

Drip, drip, drip is old and soggy


I heard of this thing called Tik Tok. Could it be related?


I like Nothing Burger.


I feel nostalgic for “Connect the dots…”


What happens to this thread when Don Jr gets indicted?

Tune in soon to find out.

I find that one of the more interseting aspects of this issue is how many crimes people like Mishka Flynn, Michael Cohen, Don Jr, Paul Manafort had exposed to the public, accidentally, by friendly media and friendly interviewers in congress.

For instance, Michael Cohen has been convicted of lying to congress now. When he told those lies however, he was looking at friendly faces.

Faces Cohen thought, probably correctly, that those faces wanted to be lied to.

However, these convicted felons seem to have not considered that their lies were on the record.

Similar to Don Jr’s interview on Fox after the Trump tower news broke. Don Jr told a lot of lies in that interview, they seemed to have not been noticed by the host at the time, as he repeated “I can’t think of anything more to ask” in place of probing follow-ups. But it is all on tape, and the public was picking it a part in real time, not to mention what the prosecutors were doing with it, including writing some follow-up questions of their own.

I imagine it was a similar scenario for Flynn. He thought the people wanted the lies. They did the whole campaign. So he told the lies.


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Russia, Russia, Russia! Is getting pretty old.

Now it’s more like No Collusion, No Collusion, No Collusion.

Stop wasting our money, money, money Muellter.


Well, hopefully this false Narrative of Russia and Trump
can finally come to rest.

Because it’s starting to look really bad on Mueller, Fake News Liberals,
and the Democratic Party’s part.


What color is the sky on your planet?


My favorite color. Blue. Why.

What is it on yours?


Still waiting for Trump, Russian Collusion, and still waiting
for Don Jr. indictment???

Playing the theme song to Jeopardy, and nothing.


Because it seems to me that you are living in a different reality.


how so?

Were there any indictments handed down to Trump
that I didn’t know about with Russia?

Cause in my world, there isn’t any Trump and Russian collusion.