Threads resetting


I am having an issue with the threads resetting themselves to the first post? Did i push a button somewhere? Is the great reset finally here? :blush:

Thank you for any help in advance.


Only threads that I have fully seen. Threads with posts that I haven’t read still takes me to those posts.

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Yep that’s it.

For me, it’s not exactly resetting. But on random threads (that yes, I have read to the end), when I come back to the main page again, it shows unread counts on some. Just on some. And if I open one of them, it puts me back x-many replies into the thread. But I’ve already been there and done that.


I think that’s a refresh thing. I get that all the time and it refreshes after about a minute or may be even less as i fervently hit the refresh to see if anyone responded to me yet lol

Should resolve itself once @system_helper does the next update.

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Thank you Sir!

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