Those dumb, dumb dimocrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee

First up you have the one who can’t read, interpret or abide by the laws of the country and then you have the one who can’t spell.

Not to mention the “bearded marxist” and the stolen valor “Vietnam vet”.

What a crew.


Nuff said.

There’s always a tweet. lol!

I think we could also say “Sycasuse”

Whatever you just posted really only make sense to you.

I think he simply fell asleep with his fingers on the keyboard…LOL

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Well it never made sense to anyone, but it’s what obama wrote in his own hand, so maybe ask him.

Syracuse is quite readily distinguishable.

Covfefe … well.

Even you spelled Syracuse right in your post. How is this the correct spelling?

Like I said, everyone knows what he wrote even if misspelled.

Covfefe … not so much, or at all. Which is why it was a viral meme, where as there was no meme about a mispelled college.

The rest of the bracket was already filled out for him and it had the correct spelling of Syracuse in the spot right next to his gaffe.

His reflection on the board and the pen in his hand just looks bad.



You must be super disappointed in Trump since those spelling errors are so important to you.