This Trump/Wallace interview on Fox is awesome

So far, Trump has confused DACA with the ACA, said of covid 19 deaths “It is what it is”, repeated his claim that Covid will just go away, said he’ll have a new health care bill signed and ready in 2 weeks, and insisted that Biden said he would defund police- Wallace proved him wrong. AND Wallace made fun of the cognitive test that Trump says he ‘aced’.

What’s going on at Fox News?


“Stable Genius”


I can’t wait for the debates.

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'Beautiful World Wars"…


Trying to defend our spiking case counts by saying Europe doesn’t test. Such a stupid and easily disprovable lie. And dangerous.
I’ll never understand how anyone can support this guy.

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Wait what?

He said we won two “Beautiful World Wars” from those Army Posts named after Confederate Generals.

Wallace said he took the same cog test as trump, and it wasn’t hard.
I have to agree.


That “is what it is” statement would be the death of any other politician.

The supporters won’t care though.

They might even defend it.


The President of the United States bragging about “ace-ing” this test.
Trump supporters - Think about that.

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Trump Healthcare plan in two weeks. I can’t wait!


What terrible thing will he do/announce in 13 days, so that everyone forgets about this promise?

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Seriously not literally.


You know there are some staffers just ready to commit seppuku after hearing this.

Trump will go down in history as the worst president ever in every category



Flashes of real genuine true brillance.

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There are a lot of categories…
Every Category?



The most telling thing for me was the Confederate flag on the bases question. While many do see it as a southern pride thing, the president of the United States needs to separate private opinion to what the opinion is of the US government and his office. He doesn’t see the flag as one of a nation who broke off largely to preserve slavery, but even he sees it as a pride thing. I don’t dispute that people believe this or stand by the premise that it isn’t a hateful symbol, but historically speaking the US government isn’t southern so I don’t understand how it could sympathise with the southern pride position especially when the only historical context of the flag to the office of the president is that of it being flown by treasonous people trying to overthrow the union in preservation of slavery. While I think the meaning of any flag is subjective to the person, how can the office of the president come to such a position that these flags of a once treasonous nation should be flown in any military base of the nation who shed blood to fight that very nation.