This"Thing" will change home defense in near future

Couple more armor tweeks and programing turns and 2 of these bots roaming your property on defense mode would be crazy. Think eventually they will make guns obselete for home protection. Will have tasers and alarms and such.

I think that the programed it to be extra creepy on purpose.

Ya bit think of the possibilities.

It was a cross between a robot and a dog with a snake-like head. The movements were very similar to how a dog would move too. Technology is advancing very quickly and shooting off in so many directions…wow.


Nah, but it sure has gotten a lot quieter since I last saw it.

I was amazed when I saw the stability tests a couple years back, only seems to have gotten better.

Oh wow, looks exactly like the robot dog on Black Mirror That was a pretty creepy episode.

Libs will be calling for “robot rights” and equality… but only after robots can vote.

Sentient AI is a good ways off, absent some ridiculous breakthrough.

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I think it is not so hard. But I’m too busy right now and don’t have all the resources I would need for a demonstration.

Anybody see that episode of Black Mirror?

C’mon Ishy…stay on topic…this will soon be used in military, law enforcement and home defense applications.

I’m semi-serious.

But to your point…I’d be surprised if we are seeing the most recent classified military version. I suspect it is already scarier that this one.

I’ve said for a while now, we should be going all in on research on a non-lethal replacement for guns. The objective is to incapacitate someone in self-defense, no reason that has to mean killing them.

Agree…the way tech advances I wouldn’t doubt they are working on platoons of these things to send into door to door situations like in Iraq.

What sometimes happens is the military will take a promising technology and compartmentalize the whole thing… severing it from the unclassified starting point and even splitting up the development team so that they cannot even talk to one another about about the technology. So the classified team will benefit from what they see in the unclass side but not vice versa.

At the time I saw the biped doing backflips, I figured that it happened no later than that time. No later.

Personally, while intrigued at the possibilities and the research opportunities, I think it’s scary.

There was once a big and open development of non-lethal weapons. I worked on one. But we had Geneva convention limitations. It was literally more legal in a combat situation to use a 50 caliber shot to the head than to use this nonlethal weapon.

The nonlethal weapons is still useful for minimizing collateral damage in the canonical marketplace shooter scenario though.

I think most of that stuff is locked up in classification now.

Yeah I guess there are some serious ramifications to devices that could render someone, or many someone’s unconscious with the push of a button, even if it had no other side effects.

It cost money to reduce or eliminate the side effects too… like blindness.

This”Thing” will change home defense in near future… .

Well, there’s no chance at all this is true or that will be in the foreseeable future.

Not only would the cost be insanely prohibitive you’re not going to get any legislature in the US to approve the arming of “Robot Defenders”.