This Should Provide a Laugh

Story should still be on

The story is 30 year old Michael Rotondo is being evicted from his parents’ home in New York. He is 30 years old; unemployed; and insists he is ‘too busy to look for a job’.

Without a job or health insurance, he is seeking custody of his baby. Um, OK.

All I could think about was the “Millenial Song” on youtube starting with the man who is sporting a “man bun and facial hair” and thinks “even though he has no job he will be a millionaire”.

When exactly and how did we come to this?

Maters soon after continued to digress, with Rotondo explaining how his parents stopped providing food for him, along with cutting off his cellphone (don’t you hate it when parents act like parents?). Aggravating matters, Rotondo told of no longer even being able to use the laundry machines at his parent’s house anymore.


Jeeze, did his parents try changing the locks? Throwing his stuff out on the street? How about the old shrimp in the curtain rod trick?

What a horrible thing for parents to have to go through. UGGGG.

Honestly, I live right across the street from Dollar Tree. The morning crew is pretty clean cut, but the younger folks who come in the afternoon?

Honey, if you don’t wash, or get a shave and a haircut, or cover up those tatts & get some advice on more naturally colored makeup rather than that black lipstick, you’re going to be at Dollar Tree for a long time.

Michael Rotondo could at least get a cashier or stocking the shelves job at Dollar Tree with enough hair for a man bun.:rofl:

Egads, that hair…What is he thinking? Hope his parents cut off his cream rinse supply. Hope he spends half the day “working” on at least something like tangles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apparently, he wants to be destitute so he doesn’t have to pay the court fees trying to get his son back. Way to be a role model, Dad… :roll_eyes: Yep… He is a great candidate to raise a child…not.

Given the many disappointing things I’ve I’ve seen of my own Gen X,
anything has got to be an improvement.

That’s another thing I’m just not getting–this “babies just happen” idea that seems to be common among this age group, the whole “baby momma, baby daddy” thing. Don’t they even want to be choosy about who they make babies with?

And what is up with all the “babies just happen” idea? With all the birth control options available, and the ACA 100% free bc, how did that “just happen”?

What judge even not in his or her right mind would grant custody to a nonworking, not carrying medical insurance dad?

Baby-momma/baby-daddy. :roll_eyes:

When I hear that I cringe. So disrespectful. It does tell you what caliber of a person you are speaking to though.

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