This officer cut it a little too close!

Many times police officer help people and never get any credit.

This morning in Utah, a car went off the interstate, ended upside down on the commeter train tracks.

Watch the video as a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper rolls up on the scene and goes up to the car to pull the driver out.

Holly cow!

Its great he did that and I agree he risked his life, but people from all walks of lives do heroic things every day.

Are we to start a thread on every one?

Obviously this police officer is to be commended but would we really expect a police officer to stand by and do nothing?

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Yes they do, and they never get commended.

If I find one where a normal every day citizen cuts it this close I sure will.

Did you see how many cars were driving past the wreck? Not a single one stoped. And the only publicity officers usually get is when they have done something bad. How many threads are there on Hannity of an officer doing the job they get paid to day – and it’s something good? I’ll let you go count.

I probably would not have stopped either. I see a police car pulling up to a wreck I am not going to pull over as well. They will tell me to get lost.

On a busy road like that one, if I saw the wreck with no police officer I would not suddenly swerve to pull over. Chances are I would cause another accident. I suspect most people like me would call the police and let those trained to take care of it.

Prior to the cop going to the rescue, no one else stopped.

But it’s hard to know what to do in that situation - dark night, etc.

But it would be nice to have as many “feel good” threads about good samaritans and good cops as possible. Counteract the darkness out there.

Yes…Lets. Then maybe their wouldnt me so much anger.

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