This is why we have minimum wage laws

A strike is when you’ve reached an impasse in collective bargaining. The converse company action would be lockout.

I’ve thrown em a dollar the few times I’ve been there for skating it out to the truck.

You get what you pay for. Minimum wage gets minimum try. Less than that might get you a workforce that spits in the burger. You’ll end up paying less if you do the right thing.

Sure, sure… Let’s say tuition and books for the year were $300… You do the math… /sarcasm…

Yep…when there is freedom to find that perfect “balance” and not an artificial influence.

Don’t see how this shows why we have minimum wage laws. The market place for labor took care of the new managers ploy when everyone quit. That says more than minimum wage laws. How do you run a fast food restaurant without employees?
If you really care about the lowest skill, don’t flood that labor market with illegal aliens…or legal ones, for that matter.


Very very few.

My cousin is the equivalent of a district manager at Sonic. Started at the bottom and worked his way up. Worked at nearly a dozen stores since he was 18 before he got promoted.

It’s pretty rare for people to tip at drive ins.

I wonder why? It would appear to me that more skill and effort was required to serve those at a further distance, outside and on roller skates than a short distance, indoors and by walking.

“Sustain themselves”?

I’m assuming nobody was working there as a hobby and that everyone had a financial need that was met at the 8.55 rate. Since the store is closed now, management must have thought those needs would be met at 4.00 + tip or else they would have prepared a reserve crew.

Tipping culture is stupid.

Seems to me the free market worked as intended in this case.

New management thought they had a good idea that wansnt.

Employees left.

Business is now out of business.

Bad managers now are “eating” a huge loss due to thier poor decisions.

So no. This is an example of why we don’t need minimum wage laws.


Well that’s a huge assumption. Is it the job of Sonic owners to “sustain” car hops?

They’ll either raise the pay to meet the market or stay closed. The system worked.

Apparently Sonic doesn’t agree with your opinion because the franchise locations were taken back because of the erroneous decision

Even better. System worked.

Yes, in that one instance the corporation did the right thing. That doesn’t negate the underlying problem though

It’s the job of managers to manage. If they negotiated the new pay rate, they would have see this coming. Or if they simply cut the pay without any input from the workers and expected the market to work, then they would have prepared for their 8.55 labor to leave.

From the fact that the store is closed right now, it’s evident that they expected to keep their 8.55 staff at 4.00+. My original question is asking why a manager would think this.

They aren’t managers, they are owners. What is the job of owners?

They tried. The system worked. Capitalism is cool.

What is the underlying problem?

It’s a conscious choice. I remember reading an article that said (from memory so numbers may be off some!) that if McDonalds paid their employees $12.50 an hour and passed 100% of the cost to customers it would increase menu items 10¢.

Not to mention that had minimum wage been pegged to inflation when it was created, itd be in the $20 range.

The disdain the right shows for people working service jobs is amazing. We need people to do those jobs for our economy to work and they deserve to be able to work an honest 40 hours and pay the bills.