This is why we have minimum wage laws

New owners cut the wages to 4.00 plus tips at fast food joint that typically doesnt get tips…

This is exactly what we said would happen if you removed said laws…

See how long this lasts without a lawsuit

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C’mon now, the tips at a drive-in are going to be terrific! Bigly!

But seriously, these degenerates were only paying minimum wage in the first place. How badly do some people need to treat the people on the bottom rung anyway? I don’t get it.


I have a better idea than a lawsuit. There are 7 million open job positions in America. Nobody is stuck at Sonic. Get the hell out of there fast.


Fairly badly…these people work hard…just as hard if not harder than a lot.of people

So, what was going to happen to this staff if they didn’t quit in protest? Did management think they would be able to sustain themselves after a 50% pay cut? Or was the rest of Ohio supposed to pick up the tab and give these workers welfare?

Good for labor fighting for their rights.

I would have organized a strike first before mass self termination.

But ultimately this still gets the point across.

My guess would be Ohio is like many states and has a separate minimum wage for anyone making tips. However, there is tax law that says if they don’t make federal minimum wage with wage+tips, the business still MUST pay them minimum wage.

Isn’t mass self termination… a strike?

where have you seen a fast food joint make enough in tips? This is most likely the new owners trying to cheat the system

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Well it’s the most extreme form of a strike.

Generally speaking the point of a strike is to gain concessions from management, not to self terminate.

No one tips at Sonic.

The management should have known better.

If they don’t make federal minimum wage with wage+tips, fire them for underperforming.

They were acting within the law. Next?

Well that isn’t true.

No, a strike is when you refuse to work but count on keeping your job.

At several Sonics I’ve done business with over the last few decades. I’ve known a lot of girls that were able to pay a large chunk of their college expenses with those tips.

So here’s the choice at the present time…take their pay or leave. Due to the impartial market, customers then won’t be served, revenue will drop and business will steadily decline into bankruptcy. The next choice is for the company to recognize, they’ve got a serious problem and the only way to rectify it is by increased wages. This will draw more people in to serve customers, there by increasing consumer satisfaction and revenue. It all works out in the system where government stays the ■■■■ out. They screw up EVERYTHING they touch and the private sector doesn’t need any more hills to climb…much less artificial ones.

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Just pointing out the way I understand the law. Wage+tips doesn’t equal federal minimum wage, employer has to kick in to make up for it.

Do you understand law differently?

Only thing I see it as – a cheat around the local minimum wage.

Then the management would be making up the difference to be in compliance with the law that management makes up the difference if the tips don’t bring it up to federal minimum wage correct?

Are you sure that was Sonic?