This is the anniversary date of the Chalottesville protests

Perry Stone said “you can’t move into your future by living in the past”.)
“History of our wars aren’t taught in schools today”. Don’t believe it, just ask a recent grad or a student & see. Perry Stone is well versed in the Bible these days, especially in Prophecy.

This has already has affected this younger generation of our lifetime.
This is the anniversary date of the Chalottesville protests because a statue of a Confederate General was being removed. Four people died because of those protests. Americans who believe we should preserve our history & not hide it for future generations not to see.
IMO, you can’t destroy the past by removing statues of old generals.

For quite a while before Obama was elected, I would think of how our country had progressed so well overcoming “race relations”. Then Obama did his best to fundamentally change the country & make racists beliefs come back alive to start the problems all over again.
Shame on you, Obama.

None of the stuff that’s happened since we had our first minority president has surprise me. As a matter of fact I expected it.

Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those.
Philippians 3:13-14 KJV

What exactly is the definition of “minority”?
Would it be a person who lived in Hi, attended elite, expensive schools, graduated from Columbia U, became a senator, then president??? Come on man!

As the Chinese communists were coming to power they had a rampage of destruction - ridding themselves of all symbolic statues and icons of their past.
Its nothing new.
And it appears that they were successful at gaining power over their people. But their people had nothing like a constitutional second amendment, did they.
I never thought that Americans would allow a similar thing to happen but after 9/11 when so many democrats that I knew tended to blame America and take sides with our enemies I became worried, then they put the commie marxist kenyan obama in office and our borders opened to invasion, he sided with and bowed to our enemies, took sides with democrat mouthpieces like sharpton who advocated killing our police officers and reopened any racial divisions that had mended.
And now his legacy continues, when called to send national guard to defend our borders, governors of border states refuse. Mayors and governors side with marxist groups like antifa and allow them to assult people and destroy private property.
And this democrat party wants to disarm Americans.

I watch a lot of docs. about priceless artifacts from the beginning of America. Artifacts from the civil war for instance are getting more rare & more valuable by day.

BTW, slavery has been over for 150 years.

Don’t forget Obama reopened Cuba too.

One form of slavery is over. The slave owners however are still with us (the democratic party) and the slaves are those that think they need all of the freebees the dnc wants to hand out. The dnc party leaders are not altruistic.
And now that they are allowing illegal immigrants to vote, none of the laws they may pass are valid and divisions grow deeper.

Thankfully we have duck to tell us the real problem behind angry white supremacists gathering, leading to the death of an innocent counter protester.


Obama was a black man who became President and much of conservative America couldn’t handle that. Trump and the overt ugliness we have seen from the right over the last few years was their response.

Will old, white, conservative men ever tire of sitting around and chatting to one another how how black people are “still slaves” of the Democratic Party? As if they have any ******* clue of the horrors of being owned by another person? I guess that explains why so many also have no problems with lionizing traitors who literally went to war against America and spilled the blood of it’s citizens in order to maintain what they saw as a God given right to own black people.

I agree. You’re correct

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