This Is Supposed to Be My 2 Weeks on Vacation!

And so far I’ve gotten a haircut I’m covering up; hip pain; been in a minor accident; and have been in bed with migraine problems.

Possibly will need a vacation from the vacation. I did get to eat at Texas Roadhouse, though.

Hope everyone else is well.

Just take some time to enjoy the quiet moments, throw on a movie, drink a glass of wine, spend time with friends and family there is no need to have a big stressful vacation just need some Janet time.


Ohh, so sorry. Try to get some relaxation and do some fun things too.

What’s wrong with your hip?

I think bursitis again. Symptoms feel identical to 5 years ago.

Suspect that first if you ever feel alternating burning & stabbing pains from within.:flushed:

Just watched some YouTube videos of Joe Santagato’s Idiots of the Internet & People of Walmart & laughed :joy: until I cried.

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Haven’t dealt with bursitis, but I’d talk to your doctor if you haven’t already with those symptoms if you’re not positive what it is.

So sorry to hear that you’re suffering from migraines :frowning:

Perhaps you just need some quiet time? As an introvert, I get overwhelmed and sometimes headache-y if I am in loud environments or in noisy crowds. Maybe just spend some time resting. Don’t take my word for it though, just trying to speak from what I know, which isn’t much. Talk to your doctor when you get back; maybe it isn’t as bad as what it’s coming out to be.

I hope you get to feeling better.

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Got an orthopedic visit scheduled.

Thanks, Flame. Had at least two days, if not three, spending much of the day in bed snuggled up with the cat.

For the most part I’m feeling better.

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