This is exactly why there will never be a civil war in America

Great video. Very short. But effective. Something that liberals and conservatives should agree on. I love the quote: "If you enter someone’s home, I highly recommend that they blow you back out of their home using their guns. This is exactly why there will never be a civil war in America. Once Antifa and their twin, BLM leave the areas controlled by their enablers, it’s game over. They will get destroyed. They are maniacs. But not suicidal maniacs. Want to end stop the endless violence in Portland done by Biden supporters? Hire this man!


There won’t be civil war because cops and vigilantes are going to aggressively suppress dissent - is a weird way to describe a common prelude to internecine strife.


I wouldn’t wait for them to enter your home…moment they step on private property is time to act.

What did you think of the video? Smart sheriff, right?

Well nice to see we’re escalating to full on murder fantasies.


Rather obviously, no.

I’m glad I live in a state where the sheriffs are just the doughy guys at the courthouse.

There won’t be a civil war because any 17 year old kid with a basic rifle can take on a mob of domestic terrorists.


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Preficted this the other day.

There is no poisoned well Trumpers won’t drink from, huh?



Directed to everybody on the forum, both the OP and supporters and opponents of the OP.


The Sheriff was strictly referring to the use of weapons in defense against home invasion.

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Or if they steal a wrench, right?

Blow them away - ONE LAW!

I’m glad to see you can’t comprehend the message that we are allowed to defend ourselves against bat ■■■■ crazy Biden supporters. And we will. In a heartbeat. Your people own the violence. This is all on you. You may call it murder if you choose. But the Sheriff won’t. :blush:

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…unlawful dissent that places their rights above the rights of others…is a more accurate description.


Who give YOU a right to my wrench?

Yup, blow them away!

I asked a simple question…one that you didn’t answer.

Also, the Sheriff’s position is legally valid in Florida, a stand your ground State.

It may NOT be legally valid in all States, where you must establish an actual fear for your life before you can open fire and may be under a legal obligation to retreat if possible.

Consult your State statutes if you do not live in Florida.

Oooh. That’s very intimidating indeed!

Also, going personal yet again, Altair?

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Yep. They are more than welcome to tear up Portland, Minneapolis and their other disaster areas . Have at it libs. Trash your own neighborhoods. Burn down the businesses that employ Biden supporters. :+1: Wake me when they declare war on the burbs. :sleeping:

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Folks are not going to retreat from their own homes. Criminals have no constitutional right Burn your house or loot it.