This is disturbing. Military murder

At least one Navy Seal and two Marines have been accused of breaking into a Green beret’s room binding him and killing him. Being pro military, this is heartbreaking. What would poses these elite forces to want to kill each other? Very sad.

Was that the one over the money theft in Africa?

Lolol military members kill each other all the time … Don’t know why you threw in the pro military part

Not sure. The motive was not mentioned. But that would make sense. Maybe the Green beret knew too much?

Yeah this came out a long time ago.

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First search result to show up. They may have been trying to force his agreement to silence on the matter, and it got out of hand. Or they killed him on purpose and faked the hazing part to potentially avoid murder charges.

Yes but It’s just going to trial.

This was some Grade-A ■■■■ bag stuff. The idea that manslaughter could be taken off the table shows how dirty the whole thing is.

I’ll give my self a pat on the back for my lucky guess.

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Do want to point out, that being part of elite forces doesn’t mean you’re a good or superior person. Or even moral.

True. The Green Beret was bound and killed. But nobody is charged with a killing? That seems like a total whitewash.

The lower charges and the whole “hazing” bull **** is nothing but the Navy’s desperate attempt to whitewash the fact that the Seals are rife with corruption. The Army Green Beret stumbled into it and was killed for it. Pure and simple.

For those of you not familiar, the Seals often are intermediaries for the United States in payoffs, whether for services or information. But, instead of handing over the entire cash, many of them pocket it and smuggle it back to the United States.

The Green Beret stumbles into this, perhaps indicates that he is going to blow the whistle and the Seals kill him. The whole hazing thing is just a cover up by the Navy.

Which is a pity in two ways.

The family of the Green Beret is denied justice.

And the Seals dirty laundry does not get the airing it desperately needs.

I know its a totally different part of the world as well as army but I highly suggest a book called “One soldiers War” by Arkady Babchenko the man was conscripted in the Russian military during the first Chechen war and volunteered to be in the second Chechen war. The details and amount of hazing is mind boggling, 100’s of young servicemen died in the first three months right in the military barracks often in front of their commanders.

They would often sign up for front line or dangerous duties in order to escape being at the military barracks. It’s a good book all around.

I think many on the right have an unhealthy idolation for the military and police. It’s like they can’t comprehend that there are bad cops and bad people in the military. Doesn’t fit their overly simplistic black and white view.

Just recently there was a murder suicide in Portsmouth Virgina

Wow! Wow! Might wanna chose better wording there buddy.
I dunno how laughing out loud at the murder of a Military person is funny at all?

He got one year in the brig.

The court has withheld adjudication as to whether he receives a Bad Conduct Discharge or not and has instead referred that to the convening authority, who will make that decision during the year that he spends in prison, likely contingent on his continued cooperation against his co-defendants. If he does not receive a Bad Conduct Discharge, he will most likely be administratively discharged with a General Discharge under other than honorable conditions, at the end of his term in prison.

The new articles did not mention other aspects of his sentence, but he could have received as much as a a 2/3rd’s forfeiture of pay for one year and reduction to the lowest enlisted grade.

It will be a travesty if he dodges a Bad Conduct discharge. Frankly, he should be facing a Dishonorable Discharge, but that is not possible, since he was tried by a Special Court Martial, rather than a General Court Martial and a Special Court Martial cannot adjudicate a Dishonorable Discharge.