THIS IS CNN: Van Jones BEGS OPRAH to Run Against Trump in 2020 | Sean Hannity

The outright liberal obsession with drafting Oprah Winfrey to take-on President Trump in the 2020 election was on full-display at CNN over the weekend with network host Van Jones begging the television megastar to run; adding the universe “threw us in the toilet” when Trump was elected.

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Liberal “obsession” to draft Oprah, the way we had Conservative Donny Deplorable Dummy’s who obsessed about getting Donny to run for president?

What is wrong with that.

Lord knows FOX NEWS was in the tank for Trump.

Grooming him, encouraging him, lathering propaganda on the political scene for him.

They are still his personal media mouthpiece with Trump toadies croaking his propaganda.

I would dearly love the SELF MADE FROM SCRATCH billionaire Oprah Winfry take a serious run for the presidency. I truly would.

Oprah has a keen business sense. She made her billions off of hard work and good practices. She has street smarts and corporate smarts.

She didn’t build her empire by setting out to screw the people she worked with. She didn’t bully her way to the top. She didn’t need to destroy people.

OPRAH 2020 :us: