This is a heating oil chart

This is a heating oil chart
Those numbers are the price-per-gallon in dollars.

In April 2020, heating oil cost $0.84 a gallon.
Today, just three-and-a-half years later, heating oil costs $3.40 a gallon.

That is a 400% increase.

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Oh crap, it’s getting to be about time to fill the propane tank. lol


Do you use heating oil?

Not anymore. But I did years ago.
Pretty common in the NE.

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Is that a typo? From the graph, it would appear to be about $0.95 a gallon.

But also from the graph, it looks like around $2/gallon would be a more representative amount on which to compare the percent increase.

Maybe I had the cursor in the wrong spot.
Lemme check.
Yup cursor in wrong spot.
corrected now.
Hat tip.

How does it work? Is there a big barrel of oil at your house that gets topped of monthly, quarterly, whatever?

at least global warming will help the homeless stay warm this winter


Tell Trump’s BFF, MBS.

Examples of the tank and the truck are pictured below.

Heating oil is basically just slightly-less refined kerosene or diesel or jet fuel.All four are basically the same thing. In a pinch, all of the above are interchangeable.

Below is a 2022 price chart from a furnace company that sells home furnaces of every type and fuel (They have no incentive to favor one over another.)

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I have family members who have to use propane etc, so glad I dont have to fanny around with it.

Though I am considering buying a generator for those just in case scenarios. We had a power outage for a couple of days due to a storm and spent a lot of time in my car with the air con on playing on my laptop.

With hindsight should have gone to a hotel but knew as soon as I forked out for a hotel power would come back on.

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Interesting. I have only ever had NG furnaces. Thanks!

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The basic thing is:
Every once in a while you’ll read a news story to the effect that

  • “Gasoline prices have risen a little, but diesel prices have risen a LOT”
  • “Gasoline prices are up a lot but diesel and jet fuel prices are through the ROOF!”

Well, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, and heating oil are all the same thing.

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Bunch of homes in the NE heated with heating oil.

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What thread would be complete without a ,“bUt TrUmP!!”



Ya think we the sinners would get some credit for it…?


And to think libs want us all to use electric heat…after all electric is clean energy and environmental safe to prevent global warming…I mean climate change.


Keep in mind gasoline is basically a waste byproduct when you make diesel, kerosene, jet fuel and heating oil.

Libs still haven’t figured out what to do with it when they ban all gas engines.


I did not know that.

Before the invention and proliferation of the gasoline powered internal combustion engine, gasoline was burned off in open pits as a waste product, much like natural gas used to be from producing oil wells.