This festive holiday season

…let us all take a cue from Dear Leader, and express our thanks for the one thing that matters more than anything else to Donald, and therefore America.

Donald. :us:

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He’s lying.

True. He mentioned family before himself. Obviously pandering.

All the crap about other world leaders praising him. Lying.

Not at all. They’ve never been in such fear and awe of an American president.

Many, many Donalds have said.

What a weirdo

The sad thing is that Trump will go to his grave believing he was the greatest POTUS of all time.

His army of enablers will make sure of that. I have said thsi before but i would not be surprised if Hannity starts referring to himself as a Trump conservative. I intermittently listen to his radio show and i cannot remember the last time he used the reagan conservative label.

I’d be content if he went to his grave convinced he was the greatest human being in the history of ever, if he’d kindly just go the ■■■■ away now.

WHY??? Are his supporters so ignorant that they can’t see what a pure f***ed-up person he is?

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There’s no such thing is a Reagan Conservative anymore.

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This. Reagan conservatism is dead. Trumpism is the swarm of maggots getting fat on its rotting corpse.


I’ve discovered many here on the board are not supporters. But then, there’s a handful of brainwashed idiots.

This country has slid more off the Constitutional pass in the past two years; make that three.

I still consider myself a Reagan conservative.

In my opinion, the phrase “Trump conservative” is an oxymoron.

As far as Trump is concerned, I’m not really surprised. The guy makes everything about himself.

In fact, I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t renamed “Christmas” and called it “Trumpmas” yet…

It’s sad that this does not surprise me at all. This guy has made every occasion about himself. That’s all he’s done for 3 years is brag about how great he is. And his lapdogs cheer every time.

Yeah… it’s funny and sad at the same time.

Obama was accused of making everything about himself - but those same folks turn a blind eye when Trump does it.

Thank god we are done with that 8 years of narcissism with Obama and moved onto this godly man who only thinks of others and not himself…

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Trump was brought to us by God.