Third Party, is it time?

No, you really should not. “So” is a Latin word that means “I’m going to put my words in your mouth so I can argue against what I need to to score a cheap, petty point and make my friends laugh and give me 'likes”."

A prelude to strawman building.


Now how about the contents of my statement? The poster I was responding to said Trump is a “windsock” and only went Conservative because they “didn’t call him names”…Doesn’t make Trump sound like real Conservative now does it? And sounds like his followers bought the act…

The Senate passed a unanimous bill this week to keep daylight hours the way they are, and had the nerve to act like, “See? We still work for you!” in the middle of all this failing.

Yeah, a third party is sorely needed at this point.



I have been wanting this for years. Now if we can only avoid WWIII so we can enjoy it.

On a side note, those of us in the squishy middle are not always in the center. I am pro-choice in the first trimester and pro 2nd Amendment. Those positions wouldn’t be welcome by some in all “3” parties.

No one will do the work to establish a third party. It’s more than doable but it’s hard and takes years.

I basically loathe the third-party idea at this point. It’s not necessary. But would have appealed to me in, like, 2005. Plus, it seems like it’s become a grift.

You just haven’t heard about MY third party.

We’ll show these fools who they’re up against

Southern ■■■■■■■■■■■■ Democratic Republicans!

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Just so I can access the mailing lists and raise money, I am in!

I just don’t think it’s workable. The first contentious issue they tried to platform (i.e. abortion), would cause it to shatter.

I think he would have governed with a conservative slant, crack down on illegal immigration, lower taxes, but I think the left could have worked some things in there for themselves as well, if they hadn’t made him the enemy from day one.

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A third party would pull votes from the left at this point, so of course. :grin:

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It will be your third party. I’m not really that interested, but wanted to pose the question.

What if abortion was optional? Eh? Ehhhh?!

What do you mean?

Trump and common sense is oxymoronic.


Always was. Think about it, the Greens and the Libertarians have spent thirty years trying to guilt you into voting for them for president and then spend four years doing nothing to build their base.

And it’s like, you’re gonna tell me you couldn’t have a viable Green Party in Cali, Oregon and Washington? Or a viable Libertarian Party in the Great Plain states? Weird how it never happens.

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Great! Caveat: My mailing list is mostly Lularoe sales reps from my time as a #bossbabe.

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Third parties don’t really work in our kind of democracy.

Correct. In fact, I’d bet a moderate Republican running (and by “moderate,” I mean a Republican who holds all the standard-issue GOP positions on spending, taxation, judges, etc., but who nevertheless found Trump undignified and doesn’t spend all his time staging Fox News soundbites) would also take votes from the left. Drives me ■■■■■■■■

I remember in 2016, there was an NPR interview with some guy who was really torn between Bernie Sanders and . . . John Kasich. I wanted to crawl through the radio and punch him in the neck.


Just clowning around. But hey, if it’s centrist, we know it’s going pro choice on abortion. Let’s start there.