Third high profile resignation from Justin Trudeau government in the last month

Liberal are losing confidence in Justin as another cabinet minster resigns.

OTTAWA – Treasury Board President Jane Philpott has resigned from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal cabinet, saying that she has lost confidence in the way the government is handling the ongoing SNC-Lavalin scandal.

In a statement posted to her MP website, Philpott said that the recent events, including the SNC-Lavalin scandal, “have shaken the federal government in recent weeks and after serious reflection, I have concluded that I must resign as a member of Cabinet.”

Philpott was first elected in 2015 to represent Markham-Stouffville in Ontario and has held three different ministerial portfolios: Health Minister, Indigenous Services Minister, and was then shuffled into the role as Treasury Board President in January.

Could you give us a tl;dr of the scandal? I’ve only heard OF it, but would be interested in hearing your perspective on it.

So SNC-Lavalin is a large company in Quebec who was being looked into for criminal charges (Bribery, etc) but illegally lobbied the Prime Minster office to threaten the Attorney General to drop the charges. The AG resigned from the cabinet and told all to a House oversight committee.

This is pisses me off as a Liberal voter who will likely be switching parties in the 2019 election.

Tis a shame - in an unusual situation, I actually LIKED Trudeau (I find very very few politicians likable). Ah well, lessons learned and all…