These polls are more important than any rating

Trumps down in swing states where he barely won. This isnt a national poll of likely voters.

So let’s play this out while it’s still early. Let’s say the dems pick biden. Who by all accounts is better liked, more moderate, and isnt a giant ■■■■■■■■ Trump if the economy holds will stand a good chance because of that. (Dont rock the boat). As we saw in 2018 the states reset back to their normal paths. Trump being the anomaly really.

If these hold come election day and let’s say it is Biden I think trump goes down, but I could be wrong.

During the 2018 midterms, all the three states that delivered Trump his victory in 2016 (Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin), the Democrats won the senate and governor’s races. But Trump might manage to win at least one of those three
states again if the economy stays good and/or if there is a strong third-party candidate.

They reset for the most part.

as we all learned, many with weeping astonishment, the only “poll” that matters is the one next Nov


Not really…but you have to throw shade somehow

countless articles now about polls looking bad for trump.

that’s “throwing shade”

but, that’s their little mission from god. build influence for their agenda

It actually only comes down to 3 states and a few swing voters.

No it’s not throwing shade. Its showing the current outlook as of right now. In the OP I stated it could change because it’s still early…

I’m being honest with things…you dont like it. Too bad.


not sure it’s quite that simple

hillary lost a lot of states she was supposed to win

early or late doesnt matter

theres only one reason these articles exist and that is to dishearten potential trump voters. just like last time

i know you’re hopeful it will work this time. it just might - they are relentless if nothing else

If foxconn keeps screwing over wisconsin they will probably vote against trump…

Conspiracies are boring…try something that uses the brain…like facts

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umkay like hillary has 95% chance of winning up to election night

< brain throbs >

Exactly. We don’t even know who his opponent is or what they plan on doing. After this becomes a head to head competition, we will know more. And even then, the dems could get Hillaryized again. Wouldn’t that be precious!

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Ah a pivot…again boring

Hillary was 70% chance of winning.


here, from jeanine pirro of fox news:

Hell, that makes it worse for your favorite politician.

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That was three week’s before election and before Comey “re-opened” the email investigation. On election eve, it was 70-75%.

Get ready for the pivot