There's Woke Money and Illegals Money and Ukraine Money

“Why won’t they join?! WhY iS rEcrUting dOwN?”

We observed barracks in poor condition, including some with safety risks like sewage overflow and inoperable fire systems. And some barracks don’t meet DOD requirements for privacy or amenities.

DOD doesn’t have reliable information about barracks conditions, or how these conditions affect troop morale. And while DOD spends billions of dollars annually on its facilities, it’s unable to identify how much funding goes toward barracks.

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Some of y’all just wouldn’t believe the sheer amount of mold I’ve seen in barracks and houses on post.

My tap water use to randomly run mud-brown for days on end. We didn’t even have air conditioners. Our central air used “geothermal” cooling. Pipes a few feet into the dirt to “cool” the air. We couldn’t keep our houses any less than 85 degrees in the summer.


Bull ■■■■ . Soldiers get called out and shamed by toxic leadership for making public posts about it on social media.


Simply consider the physical condition of this pictured military leader…and the rest of the insanity…makes sense.

Oh man… over in Korea we lived in Barracks with mold on the walls - visible- for months before we moved out. Then of course we had to pack all our ■■■■ and move all our furniture - wall lockers and all - completely across base - before moving everything back a few months later. Of course the mold was painted over so it was all better!

At Fort Drum I had to Tilex my own bathroom upon move-in.


Not one critprog reply.