There is no concept of enough

According to Oxfam International, 0.000000345% of the persons living on the Earth hold the equivalent wealth of the lower half of all of humanity. As a group, these persons saw their collective wealth blossom by $2,500,000,000 a day, while the bottom half of humanity saw an 11% decline in wealth and earn on average $5.50 a day. If we can cut their taxes more we can really move these numbers around.

No worries, eventually it’ll trickle down.


They’re just lazy and waiting for handouts. No motivation. Scum of the earth, getting what they deserve.

No worries. No person has the moral authority to tell any other person how much money they are allowed to earn.

Who’s telling other people how much money they’re allowed to earn?

Where have we seen that.

Earning is perhaps not a moral question. What about hoarding?

Where? The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls. Maybe you saw it there?

I’d say more likely something you’ve said, but I can’t quit put my finger on the exact post. :wink:

Hoarding their own property?That might be nobodies business. They typically don’t hoard though. Most billionaires have done something to change the world. Bill Gates comes to mind. The poor are free to develop the skills that will make them not poor. A lot choose not to. The poor are not poor because of the rich. They are poor because they don’t have any valuable skills. The rich help the poor by providing thousands of jobs. I have never worked for a poor person. I owe everything to employers with money.

This is the statement that will ‘‘hang’’ a certain class of people in the not distant future. It will be the ‘‘Let them eat cake’’ of our time. And just like Marie Antoinette, they won’t have a clue what they said wrong.

I have and am.

I look one way and I see unequal outcomes. I look another way and I see unequal amounts of effort being applied in their education, their work, raising children, their marriage, their credit and so many other responsibilities of life. Then those same complain about the unequal outcomes…and life goes on.

The more rich people a country has the higher the standard of living of the people.

When the rich or anyone creates wealth, we all get richer…

How does that square with nationalism? Many costal elites have gotten eye-wateringly rich from globalization.

Big govt and globalization concentrate wealth in the hands of a few who can pay the politicians for favorably legislation. They create fewer wealthy people. Like Cal.

Is preventing this concentration of wealth one of the intents of nationalism?

What is the mechanism that would be used to this end? Absent big government, would globalization increase or decrease?

No we don’t.

No, it’s the intent of liberty promoting real competition. I’m more of an American than a nationalist. Because our founding was a new era in mankind.

Yes… you get a better cell phone at the same price, etc…