The world sucks (National news media’s message to you)

A performative poet of Hybernia
Rhymed himself into a hernia
He became quite adept
At this practice except
For the occasional non sequitur

Pretend you’re at a pencil sharpener and make a point.

No, but it doesn’t really matter - not like you have interest in learning.

Go back to sharing own-the-lib memes, and have a great day.

That’s at least twice you’ve told someone to go elsewhere in this thread. Is this what passes for debate in your world? Or is it that you have no answer for my observations and have to resort to poorly rhymed limericks and begging for a safe space?

Your misplaced observations are the musings of a silly, uninformed person who won’t read the research I shared or listen to the podcast/read the transcript.

There’s thus very little you can offer here, so instead, it’s “You need a safe space. Here’s a stupid comment and a meme that have nothing to do with anything.”

As an aside - I’ve participated in this conservative community for 18 years, the only place I actively discuss politics - if I wanted a safe space, I’d go elsewhere.

Since you kindly gave some observations on me, here’s my “observations” on you:

  1. You struggle with reading something that doesn’t tell you how to think, comprehending it, and forming an opinion.

  2. You’re very comfortable spending significant time in your life finding and sharing negative content about “the others,” which leads to:

  3. You want to protect this style of engagement.

There’s no debate when you fail to read and reason. So my “Go away” means “Don’t bother sharing poorly constructed opinions that have nothing to do with the topic of the thread.” You’re like a guy in the meeting who clearly didn’t do his pre-work.

Also the limerick is a Tom Stoppard anti-limerick which I employ whenever someone like you is posting non sequiturs.

Must have touched a nerve.

Again, your “study” comes at a suspect time. This ■■■■■ been going on forever, and the left tries to lasso it every time they’re in power in order to use it to their advantage. Sure, you’ll throw the red meat out their to stoke the coals of the kumbaya fire, but your condescending tell when someone challenges you on the fainting “Whatever can we do?” Scarlett O’hara impersonation gives away the plot. Throw in the concerns with Facebook algorithms, and your inability to juxtapose a less successful platform, and your purpose is transparent. Or maybe the study has you truly buffaloed and you just can’t help it?

The design structure of social media platforms may be creating perverse incentives for polarizing content when users do not truly want this.

People are liars. They want the conflict. Hell, some people vote for who they think will win as opposed to their political benefits.

The O’Hara something must be done…faint

Social media is encroaching on more aspects of our lives, becoming one of the main ways in which people consume news and interact with politicians. Since the social media ecosystem operates as an attention economy whereby users, politicians, and brands fight for attention and engagement, understanding what drives virality is crucial.

What’s crucial is who gets their hands on this pretty little pet and manipulates it to their liking. The antitrust lawsuit was dismissed for good reason. Now, on top of appealing that decision, the powers that be want the trial to be played out in the court of public opinion. It won’t be hard, as the users of Facebook have been posting insufferable break the algorithm chain-posts for a while now. They’ll latch right on to the “it must be fixed” drumbeat currently being played by the left.

It’s all just really stupid. Facebook is popular for now. It’s why I asked if the same concern for less popular platforms was shown. Nope, didn’t think so. This all just boils down to a power grab because peoples eyes aren’t focused on what our betters would like for them to be. And Rush Limbaugh probably is to thank for opening those eyes to other points of view all those years ago.