The world sucks (National news media’s message to you)

I latched on to the top one or two and did not even see what the ones at the bottom said. But yes, I had rather read negative stuff about what Biden does because I don’t like what Biden does.

And this is why for profit new media sucks.

It’s not reporting the news. It’s generating clicks by curating the news it knows you will respond to.

The proletariat must be convinced revolution is necessary.

Biden messing up is news. Important news.

His not messing up will be news when it happens.

And I am not equally thrilled with Trumps having success at his meetings or supporting candidates because, to me, he is a mixed bag.

Rob Schneider said it best (though likely not first).



Too bad it’s nonsense

Sounds like a rough place to live. :man_shrugging:

I have no doubt that you can walk out your door and talk to neighbors that you agree with.

Do you honestly believe that you could do the same in, say, San Francisco?

Good neighbors are spread out over a vast area of land. We live in different countries. :wink:

But the restaurants! The night life!


The cow tipping…the loneliness!

They do see the forest, but it’s outside the bounds of their mythos, so they can’t travel there.

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If I get lonely, I can talk to my neighbors.


Sure, but suppose you were in SF. Do you think you’d get along with your neighbors then?

I really don’t think they do.

No only people in red counties talk to their neighbors.

Like if I grew up there? Most likely.

If I wake up one day trapped in San Fran, I’d probably be too busy plotting my escape to have any social time. lol


It’s a shame - before the advent of 24/7 for profit news, I think americans cared less about politics and therefore, we didn’t self segregate ourselves as much.

When was that?

And that is precisely my point, thank you for elucudating it.

Not only are Americans sorting themselves politically, they are sorting themselves geographically.

This belies the substance of Schneider’s statement. I have no doubt that you, a red dude, can go out into your red neighborhood, in your red state, and you find consensus.

But that quickly falls apart when you have to deal with folks who think differently than you do. As I have referenced twice now, you and folks in SF have little to nothing to agree about.

Schneider isn’t identifying American comity, he is highlighting American tribalism.