The Wohl boys are at it again, bogus sexual assault claim against Buttigieg

There’s going to be a point when these two get themselves into a situation they can’t back out of.

They’ve been accused, again, of recruiting people to make false sexual assault allegations against Pete Buttigieg.

It’s amazing that the alt-right happily makes these morons wealthy and popular. The ■■■■■ should be in jail but instead the internet fawns over the retards.

That liberals would cheer if this degenerate beat Donald (a decent family man with a beautiful wife and wonderful, accomplished children) in 2020 says everything about their complete lack of morality.

Something about “liberal tears”…

You’re kidding, yes? On both counts?

Just like Todd Starnes…like O’Keefe.

alt-right is now pretty much just the entire right… They all eat from the same hunk of spam


Blackwolf is in a sarcastic mood today.

This dip ■■■■ has got to be the dumbest criminal in America. Folks, life is too short, don’t be a Jacob Wohl.


Very true. You can’t tell the two apart.

It’s simply amazing that anyone would believe this serial hoaxer, but that’s where most on the right are today.

You sheeple need to wake up and realize the puppet masters will do anything to keep their secrets hidden including ruining the fine reputations of upstanding patriots like the Wohls and Burkmans of the world


Lord no. Once Donald became both POTUS and a baby Christian he’s been a paragon of godly virtue. Whereas all the DNC can offer America are godless reprobates who care more about indulging their own lustful appetites than serving the American people in reserved, chaste selflessness.

Like Donald.


Remember the press conference when he did the entire thing with his zipper down? :rofl:

At some low rent freeway Holiday Inn Express?

It was his moron partner in crime Jack Burkman, but it’s still funny as hell. :rofl:

This is going to be repeated as truth by some for years.

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Cool! Had me freaked out for a minute.

Well played, sir!

Yep, information is laundered like money through “news” sites or social media and becomes fact to those who want to believe it.

Well struck!