THE WEST WING: Kanye Defends Second Amendment, Says We Have ‘Right to Bear Arms’

Originally published at: THE WEST WING: Kanye Defends Second Amendment, Says We Have ‘Right to Bear Arms’ | Sean Hannity

Iconic musician and fashion designer Kanye West met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office Thursday; weighing-in on a series of issues including gun violence, Chicago, and manufacturing jobs in America.

West fiercely defended the Second Amendment during his press conference alongside the President, saying “we have the right to bear arms.”

"The problem is illegal guns. Illegal guns is the problem, not legal guns. We have the right to bear arms,” said West.

West fiercely defended his support for President Trump during their meeting Thursday; saying he is routinely intimidated into withdrawing his support for the Commander-in-Chief.

You may want to refrain from highlighting Kanye West’s comments at the white house.

Oh well, if Kanye says it, it’s gospel.

What are democrats scared of?

The new leader of the right :joy:

Why is it that right wingers always seems to see mocking as being afraid? I guess it’s probably projection - “I’m always scared so you must be too”?

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I wonder if sean-bot will post this?

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Not likely! But Kanye gives a pretty good self description, I’d say.

Juan Williams is having epic meltdown on FOX just now.

Poor guy has seen the writing on the wall. His beloved democrat party is slipping away.

Nah… Jaun Williams is sacred that he is going to be forced into slavery for reading the 13th amendment.


“iPlane 1”

Kanye wants the rights to bear arms.

Trump wants to stop and frisk him for no reason.

Manic people are hilarious… Kanye went full polar in there

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