The Wall Is Working

The reason for all the shootings in big cities is obviously gang related. What do gangs do? They get involved in drugs. Proof that the wall is working is the fact that illegal immigration has been greatly reduced, and the amount of drugs pouring into the country has been severely affected. Because there is less available, the gangs are fighting over turf what little there is. Hence, the shootings. Keep it up Mr. President.

Wait, so if we get rid of the wall, the shootings stop ?

And thus, the wall is making us less safe ?

Please point out where the OP said that.

The OP’s entire OP is how due to the wall there are now more shootings due to gangs warring over turf.

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I didn’t say the shooting will stop if the wall is gone. I’m just saying that the wall to a certain degree is having an effect on the amount of drugs that are coming into the country. When there is less of something things change. Its called supply and demand. When there is less of something, the price goes up and people get more desperate to get it. Not long ago, people were fighting in the isles over toilet paper in Walmart and Costco. Lets face it folks, these gangs and street thugs aren’t fighting over food stamps.

If you are associated with a gang, yes.

There is no shortage of illegal drugs in this country.

Illegal drugs in America will never stop arriving. Supply and demand.

capitalism only works when illegal society destructive drugs are involved huh?

wish you could post a link or two to support this

It has little to do with the wall.