The Truth About China

Why do you think that most rich people, people with power, and people with lots of money,
don’t agree with Trumps tax on the good that China is exporting to us?

It’s because most rich people that own billion dollar companies don’t care about Americans, or American Families, and they only care about the money! Just like Walmart! it’s why Walmart intentionally would make peoples hours as close to full time as possible, without actually making them full time. So they didn’t have to give them benefits! Spend millions upon millions each year, doing the right thing for mother and fathers out in the world, and giving them benefits.

Why build factories in America, and give an American a job, if you have to pay that person 10 bucks on hour, plus possible benefits, when most companies can simply just sell Americans out, and outsource everything to China, where most of the workers there get paid pennies on the dollar, without benefits or breaks. Talk about exploitations of both Americans, and Chinese people.

So when you hear the Democrats complain about the so called 1percenters, ask yourself, how many Democrats have millions upon millions of dollars, just like the Republicans in office? lol. When it comes to outsourcing to China, both parties are guilty of such things.

Why do most media outlets, and most famous or rich people not agree with Trumps tax? Because the rich want to stay rich. If they’re forced to pay someone 10 bucks an hour plus benefits, compared to a Chinese person pennies per hour, then their costs go way, down and that’s millions more in their pockets.

So if you’re a Democrat, or a Republican in this country, and love this country, and want to see a good economy for America, as an American, you may want to support Trump on this one. Just saying.