THE TRUE COST: See the Tragic List of Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens at a New Online Memorial

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A heartbreaking list of Americans killed at the hands of illegal aliens was compiled online and published by the Ohio Jobs and Justice PAC; highlighting the true cost of unfettered illegal immigration along the nation’s porous southern border with Mexico.

“These deaths could have been prevented if Congress and Executive branch would have secured our border and enforced U.S. immigration laws,” said Steve Salvi, founder of the online memorial.

The website illustrates the human impact of illegal immigration as congressional Democrats dig-in on their budget battle with President Trump; routinely claiming any funds for a “border wall” would be a “non-starter for left-wing lawmakers.

President Trump abruptly ended his high-stakes meeting with Democratic leadership in Washington Wednesday; saying the negotiations are a “total waste of time” until Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi get serious about border security.

Read the tragic list of victims here.