The Trouble With McCarthy

As most of us know, there has been a battle in the House over electing Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker. A small band of die hard America First MAGAs (Gaetz, Gosar, etc) are withholding the needed votes to elect McCarthy speaker.

Now more moderate Republican House members are fighting back.

As frustration inside the House GOP has grown over a small band of anti-Kevin McCarthy lawmakers, an idea to strike back at the rebellious group has been floated among some Republicans: kicking these members off their committees, according to multiple members involved in the conversations.

While discussions over retributions for McCarthy’s foes, which have not been previously reported, have not gone beyond casual conversations among rank-and-file members, the threat shows how Republicans – particularly moderates – are wrestling with ways to act as a counterweight to the so-called “Never Kevin” movement, which is threatening to derail the California Republican’s speakership bid.

In addition to booting the McCarthy holdouts off committee assignments, various members are considering several other ways to potentially de-fang the threat from their right-wing colleagues. That includes weighing whether to oppose a rules package if it includes reinstating an arcane tool that would empower any member to bring up a floor vote to oust a speaker at any time, as well as the longshot idea of teaming up across the aisle with Democrats to elect a speaker if the race goes to multiple ballots and no one budges.

Please join me in prayer: let us hope the Never Kevins go to war on this. I want a loud and noisy war. Dueling press conferences, threats (both veiled and specific) shouting matches, the works

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By best (80 %) is they figure this out. Otherwise everything gets weird on January 3rd.

He is going to win. This is all kabuki


But I think it would be a hoot to have a secret deal where the DEMs put forth a candidate. All the DEMs voted for Him/Her and they got 10 GOP onboard in a screw McCarthy vote.

That would have the GOP with the majority and a DEM as SOH.




I would love to see coalition control of the House of Representatives, as has been the case in Alaska.

■■■■ the extremists on BOTH sides.

Both the Never Kevins.

And AOC, Tliab and the rest of that garbage.


I think we are seeing a preview of what the next 2 years will look like in the GOP. Trump loyalists will ensure DEMs can mop the floor with the GOP.


Just drag Mayorkas before a Republican committee. We want to hear him say the border is secure one more time.

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Define secure border. It’s likely Mayorkas won’t change his tune. Then what?

To your point.

  1. The exact opposite of what has been happening at the southern border for the last two years.
  2. Of course Mayorkas will continue to lie. He’s been asked to resign on two occasions before Congressional committee; he will not. As a sitting cabinet member he can be impeached. The articles can be drawn up after Jan 4th but it won’t pass the muster in the Senate. It’s a bureaucratic contrived quandary to say the least. Hopefully before committee he will answer questions as to who is directing the open border policies. Mayorkas is a lackey and an incompetent oaf. Someone is calling the shots, he’s just a yes man regurgitating the lies fed to him.
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You think everything hasn’t been weird the last 2 years? Really?

Say that with a straight face?

I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said about the border not being secure. My point is that were Mayorkas to appear before a Republican committee, he could continue to claim the border is secure. From a DEM perspective, he is telling the truth. Obviously from a Republican perspective he is lying.


Nothing will change. He won’t be impeached. Things will continue as they are. The committee takeover by the GOP will have no real impact, except now the House investigations will switch from GOP targets to DEM targets.


And more Politics.

Which faction withing the GoP do the grass roots support MAGA or RINO? Who are the grass roots donating to? A speaker in step with the political tide should be elected as speaker. Threatening colleagues to get his way just makes McCarthy look weak. If his record isn’t persuasive of enough votes, that is no one’s fault but his own.

The FIRST question is, “What is the GOP agenda going forward?”

The SECOND is, “Who has shown the mettle and skills to aggressively carry that agenda forward?”

If there is a better fit than Kevin for question two, then a team player would applaud that better person taking the helm. McCarthy slways vomes across to me as rather smarmy and pretending zeal and sincerity.

If…Rs attempt to retaliate against this small group of Rs…the tide will flip from the ground floor of the US…against them. There are two types of Rs…the traditional, corrupt establishment ones and a new group whose goal is to return this country back to “we the people”. The establishment is in bed with the corrupt MSM, our corrupted intelligence agencies and those that actually have no oversight and have gone foul. This is a powerful force and I doubt this small group can overcome this but…“we the people” are watching and those within the establishment each has a home somewhere in the US. Back there is where they’ll hear the voices they have to answer to…all while the corrupt MSM feeds the sheople the narrative they want fed and regurgibleated. This thread is the perfect example.


The globalist left are trying desperately and disastrously to shoehorn contemporary events into a fictional political narrative fed to them by TDS propagandists in the MSM.that Trump is actually unpopular among grass roots Republicans. It’s a sad leftist psychosis to watch playing out.


What is a “grass roots” Republican?

The dem, Mexican mayor of El Paso will declare a state of emergency

The border issue is being spun. Crossings are up in part because our economy was shut down for two years.

And in part because Biden ended our agreement whereby Mexico would stop sending migrants through to our border and in return we would not increase tariffs on Mexican goods.


Do you have a link for that? Sounds interesting.