The Trailer for Doctor Sleep

Here’s the teaser trailer for Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining.

Can’t wait until November! Looks good!

Cool book. I’m may have to reread it before I see the movie.

I like Rebecca Ferguson as Rose The Hat. Ewan McGregor seems like a decent choice for Danny.

So many Stephen King adaptations have been turned into bad movies. I’m a little concerned just because of that.

We’ll see.

The movie adaptation isn’t following the book. If you’ve read the book it should be obvious why from the trailer.

Sometimes race of characters doesn’t matter. Other times it does. This is a case where it does and where the race swap of a specific character from the book the movie absolutely changes the story. Thats about as specific as I can get without spoilers from the book. Since the movie isn’t doing this you can read whats in spoiler text without worry as far as its concerned.


The plotline is about Danny from the Shining all grown up. His Shine had gone away but suddenly starts coming back and he end up connecting with a young girl. She’s the young black girl in the movie. There is a cult who eats the Shine from people and he protects her from them. The big twist / reveal at the end of the book is that the girl is his niece through a sister Danny didn’t even know he had. Its their biological relation allows their Shine powers to connect. So she needs to look like she can be his niece to follow this plotline.