The texas revolt

the governor claimed that under an emergency declaration he has the power to ban local mask mandates
judges around teh state said he didnt have that authority
school districts defied him and enacted mask mandates

the governor got teh supreme court of texas to overturn the dallas and bexar (san anotnio) court orders and said no mask mandates

bexar and dallas said masks still required.

the governor is taking actions that will lead to kids getting sick. I have a feeling that a large segment of the texas population is going to ignore both him and the courts. when you take actions that put kids at risk parents will do ANYTHING to alleviate that risk.
if any kid gets sick abbot and the supreme court members should be held personally responsible.(i know they wont be but hopefully someone figures out a way to make them pay the price)

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san antonio is also continuing its mask mandate

It must require a great amount of flexibility to try to use a state of emergency as a reason not to wear masks.

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That’s not at all what is happening.

No one is being forced not to wear one, two or three masks.

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How will they ignore him. By wearing masks? They are allowed to wear masks.

By withdrawing their kids from schools that have kids not wearing masks? They already have the ability to do that.

By physically blocking access to schools against those that choose not to mask. They will get arrested.

By threatening and intimidating families to keep them away from school? They will be arrested.

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they cant arrest everyone. and there are thousands of parents who are absolutely losing their minds at abbot and the GOP. I wont be surprised at large groups of parents physically preventing unmasked kids from entering a school.

whats funny is the far right used to talk about the second amendment being in place in case of a tyranical government.
I cant think of anything much more tyranical than a governor telling schools they cant protect kids…
maybe its time for texas to excersise its option to split into multiple states. let places like austin,dallas,houston etc form their own state and leave the far right parts of texas to go it alone…

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there are a lot more angry parents then there are cops

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Is there a governor recall mechanism in place in Texas?

I note DISD has said the case only directly applied to Dallas County and not to the Dallas School District. I admire his determination but he must know that isn’t going to hold for long.
But apparently this is temporary, blocking mask orders until a final decision.



Interesting. Do any red states have governor recall mechanisms?

There’s nothing as tyrannical as forbidding tyranny?Please?!


There are always a lot more criminals than there are cops.

At least we both agree that threatening and intimidating parents and kids is wrong.

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That’s true. Progressives. :roll_eyes:

It seems like the courts are torn about how much authority the Governor has over local officials.
It appears that this will go through many more cycles and perhaps all the way up to the SCOTUS.
And I hope that in the long run the local officials will prevail.

I remember when conservatives believed in local govt as better understanding the needs of their citizens than state or fed. Used to be a mantra of conservatives that the best govt was closest to the people it governed.

I guess that isn’t true any more.


Cons act just like children with the whole…“You’re not the boss of me” routine. But they love themselves some “authoritarian” cops. Funny how that works.

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Funny how y’all think Abbot is the authoritarian here. You do understand that he’s allowing citizens to choose, right? If you want your kid to wear a mask, strap one on him/her, no questions asked.

I notice the left isn’t opposed to physically preventing unmasked children from entering the school. Another parent touches my child, and I blow their ■■■■■■■ head off. I’m sure that sentiment is shared with a whole lot of parents, especially in Texas. You guys are gonna let this bs get outta hand.



With guns.