The spreading of covid-19, Illegal immigration, and “harboring” being a criminal offense

The point that assumptions are proven facts? Because you are defending an assumption… a gross one at that… with nothing to back it up.

That type of assumption make people wonder what your true motive is.

You being “people”?

I didn’t say anything about “proven facts”.

Why are you defending the statement? What is your motivation? You just admitted you don’t know the real data.

We know the real data. It’s being leaked. But it is not data officially released by government agencies who have been ordered to withhold data.

By government withholding the data, their progessive trolls can endless discount the leaked data as being unofficial and therefore unproven. By this strategy the government can continue breaking the law without ever being held to account.

Essentially, you are arguing that no democrat government can be validly accused of criminality unless the accuser is also able to get a case to court and win. If a Democrat government’s agencies block a case from getting to court., then no crime really happened.

This method of jjustification does not extended to Republican governments, of course.


I see you never answered the question:

How does filling the United States with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled and criminal populations of Central America promote the general welfare of the United States and her citizens, and especially so when American Citizens pay federal taxes so our federal government will “repel invasions” and promote the general welfare of the United States and her citizens?


Our socialist revolutionaries are known for accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

I reject your premise that the US is letting in poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled and criminal populations in majority numbers.

You have given no data to support your position that legal immigrants are ALL or MOSTLY criminal, for example.

Why would highly educated, highly skilled, healthy, able law abiding citizens leave the country in which they became so successful to come to a place with institutional racism?


I’ve seen them being asked why they are coming. They say for economic opportunity. And didn’t Kamala give a list of root causes for the migrants leaving their home countries? Was she lying about those problems the illegals are fleeing?

"The COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather conditions have indeed exacerbated the root causes of migration—which include corruption, violence, trafficking, and poverty. While our Administration is proud that we have sent millions of vaccine doses and hurricane relief, we know that it is not enough to alleviate suffering in the long term.

The root causes must be addressed both in addition to relief efforts—and apart from these efforts. In everything we do, we must target our efforts in those areas of highest out-migration—and ensure that these programs meet the highest standards of accountability and effectiveness."

One assumes covid vaccines are sent to alleviate a disease problem. And one assumes people fleeing poverty are mostly the impoverished. One assumes the traffickers they are fleeing will also be taking the opportunity to increase their US base and would be among the illegals.

Hard to see how these endemic home state problems are not represented among the illegal immigrant ranks.

Also bad progressive form of Kamala to dehumanise foreigners by ascribing these negative characteristics to their civilisations.

I assume Kamala is also working on these endemic problems in the other 78 nations whose citizens are breaking into the US across the southern border.

Coach always built teams around me homie’.


Well, I see, PurpnGold, you are still determined to use your Humpty Dumpty theory of language when interpreting what I wrote by adding “ALL or MOSTLY”. But hey, I fully understand the object of your game:

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less.”

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master-that’s all.”

And that describes the object behind your deceitful interpretations of what I wrote.


Our nation’s democrat party leadership now personifies a living creature, a predator: it grows, it multiplies, it protects itself, it feeds on those it can defeat, and does everything to expand its powers over the people and flourish, even at the expense of enslaving a nation’s inner cities’ entire population.

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So when you say statements like this…

You mean very few of these types of immigrants “fill” the United States?

Again I reject your premise. You haven’t showed data to support all of your assertions.

They are almost all criminals, apart from the ones with genuine refugee valid reasons for leavng their home of Mexico. If they are refugees they should be seeking asylum at the first country they cross a border into.

Very few are Mexicans being persecuted in Mexico. Hence almost all are criminals.

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You never answered what was a question. Are you incapable of distinguishing a question from an assertion?


Absolute governments, (tho’ the disgrace of human nature) have this advantage with them, they are simple; if the people suffer, they know the head from which their suffering springs [our nation’s democrat party leadership]; know likewise the remedy……___ Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.

Impossible! Biden promised transparency.

Indeed! See: Team Biden’s disgraceful border media blackout


”Because most migrants are crossing on federal land, the feds have the power to keep the press away, but Moore says there’s “no precedent” for them doing so on this scale. It can only be because Biden wants to hide the extent of his complete failure at the border — and just how many people are being waved in.”


Without a Fifth Column Media and Yellow Journalism [our MSM], and activist traitorous judges and Justices, the crisis at our southern border would never have grown to what now amounts to an outright invasion and threatens the general welfare of the United States and her citizens.

Immigration laws are established to assure that immigrants meet the standards established by those laws to gain entry into our country. Rather, it is for immigrants to prove that they meet those legal standards, by following our laws.


Unfortunately, we have some very unpatriotic people living in our country who are insistent in filling the country with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled and criminal populations of other countries. And, they don’t give two twits on how it effects the general welfare of the United States and her citizens.

I just can’t understand why they think the way they do.


Is it not a fact President Biden is giving aid and comfort to thousands of Covid infected foreigners, who are invading our southern border?

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Exactly! I mean what the hell are we suppose to do with these people? Put them to work at Microsoft?

No. We are to suffer the consequences of a tyrannical federal government which assists in this ongoing invasion:

The deadly toll of human smuggling and trafficking in the US

(CNN) When 10 smuggled migrants died in San Antonio from a scorching hot semi truck with almost no air to breathe, the country was appalled.

But their deaths are just a fraction of how many people die each year trying to flee their homelands and sneak into the US.

Border shock: 50% surge in gang members, 650,000 illegal immigrants will be freed into US in 2019

There has been a 50 percent jump in illegal immigrant gang members coming into the United States this year, according to the former Border Patrol chief.

What’s more, he warned in Senate testimony Thursday, loopholes in federal law will result in some 650,000 illegal immigrants — more than the population of Wyoming — being released into the United States, where most will “never to be heard from again.”

How Out of Control Illegal Immigration Brought One Long Island Town to Its Knees

In Brentwood, a community of 60,000 residents on New York’s tranquil Long Island, four teenagers between ages 15 and 19 were found dead in September of this year. Police said they were all victims of MS-13, and they may have been entirely innocent, having perhaps had no previous contact with the group at all.

In fact, in the last six years on Long Island, as many as 30 murders have been attributed to MS-13, many related to drug deals gone bad or unpaid debts, but others having been cases of innocent people being caught in crossfire or “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Many victims, like the young kids in Brentwood, were teenagers.

Public Middle School Terrorized by MS-13 is a “Ticking Time Bomb”

A violent street gang energized by the steady flow of illegal immigrant minors is terrorizing a public middle school less than 10 miles from the nation’s capital while administrators cover up the problem and the feds ignore the crisis. Teachers are afraid, drugs are sold, gang graffiti litters the area surrounding the campus and gang-related fights are a daily occurrence, according to a lengthy mainstream newspaper report published this week.

Mass immigration also burdens our public schools

Taxpayers bear the brunt of the education burden, particularly since immigrants aren’t paying taxes commensurate with their children’s education needs. Each year, LEP students cost schools roughly $59 billion.

When schools are forced to spend ever-increasing sums on language programs, it means they have less money available for extracurricular activities, such as arts, books, and new technology.


The citizens of the United States paid no attention while their tyrannical federal government assisted in an invasion of their country.

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