The sky is falling part 2

Chuck Schumer goes on public display saying our President might bumble his way into a war with Iran. Sounds to me like demcrat Schumer thinks he is smarter and more appropriate than our President. I say Schumer is one of the problems we have on Congress. Has Nancy weighed in yet? The we can have a rerun of dumb and dumber.

Reuters › article › top-senate-de…
Top Senate Democrat says he is worried Trump will ‘bumble’ into war - Reuters

He is. Which is not that much of an accomplishment.


The majority of Americans are worried about the same thing.


My dumb next door neighbor is smarter than Dumb Donnie.


Depends on what the definition of is, is.

From the party that caused the return of slavery to Libya by bumbling into a war for no reason…

What Americans are you referring to? Were they the same ones who said they would move to Canada if trump got elected?

what are we upset about?

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Lindsey Graham is worried about the same thing. As are any sane Republicans.

Interesting to have this thread in “Second Amendment.”

Is there some subtext I’m missing or a hidden remedy being hoped to be applied?

Who is fat Donald?

Send me the real like. I did not see it. Thank you.

Oops I just corrected that. Must have been a fat finger errors.


Are you upset? President Trump is still President, did a fund raising in Calipornia, and will be reelected. Life is good.


Fat donald is the idiot who’s used the nicknames below to insult people who criticize him, because he’s a little whiny snowflake.

Fat Jerry
Mr. Magoo
Mr. Tough Guy
Liddle’ Bob Corker
Lyin’ Ted
Dicky Durbin
Al Frankenstein
Wacky Omaros
Crazy Nancy
Little Marco
Pencil Neck
Low-IQ Maxine Waters
Foul Mouthed Omarosa
The Indian
Dopey Prince
Low I.Q. Crazy Mika


Sounds like you are very bitter about the election. You should go talk to someone about your feelings.


Look, I’m not saying Trump is dumb or anything, but if brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow his nose…


Maybe if he hired another General or two, they might give him one of theirs.

John Kerry got a Purple Heart.

I always like hearing him refer to “My military” or “My Generals”. It makes me sleep better at night.
Oh, and also knowing that there is no more nuclear threat from NK.

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