The Senate Elections

The 2020 Senate Elections are finally now here. There are as many as 35 Senate races during this election. The Alabama Senate race is very likely going from blue to red while the Colorado Senate race is very likely going from red to blue. The Arizona Senate race is probably going from red to blue. The Michigan Senate race is probably going to stay blue while the SC Senate race is probably going to stay red. The real close Senate races this time around are very likely going to be in Iowa, NC, Maine, Montana and two in Georgia.

I’m doing my part by voting Gideon in Maine. Time for Collins to move on.

That said, the only solace I could experience from a Trump win would be if the Democrats win back the Senate. Essentially making Trump a 4 year (2 year minimum) lame duck president.


Realistically it would be 4 years as a lame duck. The 2022 Senate landscape highly favors the Democrats again.

Chuck Schumer could just tell Mitch McConnell that he might as well stay in Kentucky for the next four years.

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Gideon is a good candidate and has a pretty good chance at getting Collins to retire.

Kansas has the potential to be turned Red to Blue. As does Alaska.

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I agree with you about Alaska, but not really with Kansas. I believe that Kansas is too red of a state for that Senate seat to flip from red to blue. It should stay red.

my most likely, though I do believe AZ and MI could surprize

doesn’t seem to hold for the link.

51-49 gop

both ga races may go to runnoff… both gop

John James will win in MI.

Other than that…who knows??

It is highly likely it does stay Red. But it is not out of the realm of potential either. Look at the Governors race in 2018. Granted, it had Kobach, which was not an advantage for the GOP. But Gov. Kelly did beat him by a full 5% in the election. Kansas is weird. A lot of deep red, of course. But a lot of suburban voters, with college educations in some of the really affluent parts of the state.

James will have a strong showing, but I think he will fall short. The last time the GOP won a senate seat in Michigan was the GOP wave year of 1994.

Kansas is not at all “weird”. Kansas is true to the migration of the Nations in the 1850s.

I just want to see that Senate Majority Leader title go to a Dem.

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You are making another Senate prediction after the last one?

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Sam Brownback did lasting damage to the GOP in Kansas. He went off the deep end and a lot of moderate voters either shifted to the Democrats or to No Partisan Affiliation. While Republicans remain dominant for the time being, they are still somewhat vulnerable, due to Brownback’s reign of error.


Exactly. And then he couldn’t even serve out the remainder of his term, before bailing on the state, leaving them high and dry to become an Ambassador for Trump’s administration. Kansans don’t forget.

Yes I am.

John James will win.

I will never forgive Lou.

What did he do? I thought he just ran the state as a TEA Party Republican.

He eliminated taxes on small businesses with the idea being that the extra money would be reinvested in said small businesses, and more businesses would be climbing over each other to open shop in Kansas. That would mean expanding and hiring more employees, thus expanding the tax base and the whole thing would pay for itself. Sound familiar?

So of course none happened. There was no big book in hiring or expansions. All it did was cause huge deficits and massive cuts in education. Then Brownback fought tooth and nail against trying to fix the problem.

So he was a TEA party Republican.


I feel like Lindsey Graham is gonna lose. It’s not a prediction. I just feel that way. It’s too close to call objectively.