The San Diego Bills? The London Bills? The Toronto Bills?

The NFL is signaling to the city of Buffalo that, unless they pay for all or parts of the new stadium, the Bills will move.

Bills fans better demand the city will pay for the stadium, depending on the deal. Don’t make the same mistake Chargers fans did in San Diego.

Besides, the San Diego Bills doesn’t sound good.

If they move and its a big IF it will be to Toronto as they’ll have the same fanbase and Buffalo already has played some games there.,

That is only if they can get a lease for the Roger Centre.

Toronto isn’t going to build a stadium for the bills so unless they wanna lease one they are not coming to Canada.

If San Diego didn’t want to pay for a new stadium for the Chargers, why would the Bills go there again?

As far as the San Diego Bills not sounding good, consider these, teams that have moved yet did not change the name.

Los Angeles Lakers from Minneapolis.
Utah Jazz from New Orleans.

At least the Minnesota Northstars removed the “North” from their name when they moved to Dallas.

How about London?

There will never be the financial support from supporters in the UK to make a NFL franchise viable.

There are 13 professional football (soccer) teams in London and nearly 100 amateur teams.

Its Just like soccer will never outperform American football in the US.

I assume you were talking about London UK.

No city should build a stadium for a pro team. Let the team move…


Exactly. The days of cash strapped cities footing real estate bills for billionaires should be long over.

Major disagreement with me here!

If only the NFL was profitable enough to build their own facilities…

I also don’t think they’ll ever come up with a viable solution to the travel burden that will be forced on the London team. Also the tax / exchange rate could be problematic. We already see the trouble Canadian teams have with this in other leagues which is a large part of the reason no Canadian team has won a Stanley Cup in about 20 years.

I had never considered that but your spot on.

That’s been the main argument against a UK NFL team. The logistics are a nightmare. Teams already struggle just going coast to coast. I imagine a UK team wouldn’t many road games.

I have a feeling it will stay the way it is for a while. The teams that sacrifice a home game to the UK typically see a financial gain as those games are actually quite popular there.