The sad, missed opportunity of the Asian "Spa" shootings

I can’t prove it. But I would bet that some or most of the victims were human trafficked. They had no idea they would be forced into a life of pleasuring perverts when they arrived here. Nobody is asking, nobody is telling. These “Spas” need to be investigated and the story of their human victims should be exposed.

The media totally focused one again on race when there is a huge story right under their noses that they ignored. This should have been bigger than the alleged racism of one sicko. They dropped the ball… again.



It would also be a good idea to explore how religious extremism drove him to do this.

That would be fine. But their are thousands of human trafficking victims in spa’s across America. They need help right now. We are letting them down. Bigly.


One of the victims.

Yong Ae Yue, 63 came here in the 70’s with her husband Mac Peterson. She has two sons and is a licensed massage therapist.

Are you sure that this is the road you want to go down?


Yeah but nobody cares. Example: Robert Kraft

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Nobody knows what point you’re trying to make. Is it that you agree that we need to do something about human traffickers who force people into prostitution?

Is that your point?

I do. And so do you. And so does nearly everyone you know. I am really disappointed that FNC, the FBI and the GBI have done nothing. This is a no brainer.

Yes! Absolutely! What about the thousands that were human trafficked? Should we forget about them? LMT’s don’t give happy endings. So there’s that.

Another one of the victims.

Soon Chung Park, 74

She made food for the employees.

Seeing A theme here?

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Nobody said that all the victims were trafficked. Nor even that all massage workers are trafficked.

So cool. An anecdote of one that is not trafficked just demonstrates that not all are trafficked. It’s an answer for a strawman that was not asked.

One of the opening statements of the OP

Do we need to go through the other victims?

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Well cool! An anecdote of one who apparently does not care just demonstrates that not all people care. It doesn’t show that NOBODY cares. It’s an answer for a strawman that was not asked.

Cool. You made my point. Nobody said that all were trafficked.

I would say that even if only 2% are trafficked, it’s still too much. Not sure why you seem so adamant to dismiss the problem.

None of the victims were trafficked.

The “bet” is stupid.

It is an assumption based on race and class without doing the barest looking into it before writing things down.


“Tafficked” is one of the most overused and exaggerated words in modern language. In many cases, it’s like calling pushing someone “assault.”

When you hear the word “trafficked,” you imagine a scene from Taken. But that’s not the case, the overwhelming majority of the time. In fact, trafficking victims often don’t even know they’re being trafficked.

While we should take some cases very seriously, we should also be aware that a lot of disingenuous people use it to their advantage.