The Russia Investigation Is An Organized Coup

It starts off with Hillary paying for invented dirt on Trump, then the upper leadership of several agencies of the government with the full knowledge of Hillary & Obama using the fake dossier to lie to FISA court judges to further it.

They set up Papadopoulos to entrap him into saying what he said, & as planned ahead of time the call went to the FBI to get things rolling. They planted the idea in his head by one person who talked to him, then got him to a bar to loosen his lips. Classic setup.

The only real collusion was with all the Obama & Hillary cronies to frame Trump & exonerate Hillary.

Now it’s all coming out & they are all biting their nails. They keep doubling down hoping the democrats take over the house & senate to squash any more of the truth coming out.

It’s sedition, treason, & a coup. They are the one who should be investigated, expelled from the government, & put on trial, including Mueller, he’s in on it too. They are all bad people, none of them have any integrity. They are lawless, criminal’s, think they are above the law or that it applies to them, because the ends justifies the means to them.

If they get away with this, they will do much more, & go much farther every year until nobody is safe from them & their kind. It will foster more & more of the same. It’s how dictatorships begin, the ends justifies the means.

I’m not justifying Trump’s horrid mouth, but if what is being done here is no justification for breaking the law, lying to judges, creating a false prosecution, sedition, treason, & a coup. Bringing down a nasty mouth guy is not justification for any of this.

We need to get away from democrats & republicans acting like crips & bloods. Your or my “side” winning at any cost will lead us to ruin, possibly civil war, it has before, just because it’s modern times don’t think it can’t happen, it starts with the bubba effect or an antifa type who starts killing people or blows up buildings. It will be bad for us all.

On top of all of this, the left is basically making it a crime to be a republican.

The real truth is coming out. When it does, I’m sure it will be ok to do to those responsible exactly what was done to Trump! You know, appoint a special prosecutor & a dozen lawyers who are all republicans who hate dems & love Trump, right?

We must have law respected from all.

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This conspiracy is nonsense and not supported by any facts whatsoever.

Stop getting your news from Rush and Daily Caller.


If what you say is true, Trump is the head of the executive branch, if he can’t bring it out into open and prove it, I have to assume he isn’t fit to hold the office anyway.

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Or it doesn’t really exist.

only someone who ignores the facts could claim a nonsense like that^

I said it numerous times and will repeat it again and again: the content of the Podesta emails is outrageous stuff regarding the DNC. Russia, wikileaks or whoever got that emails, revealing them to the public, did actually a favour to USA, exposing the corruption within DNC and the intent to manipulate the 2016 elections. If you would have a rest af dignity, you would be thankful to wikilieaks and question your Intel agencies, why havent they been able to get all that outrageous information about DNC before any foreign hackers did it. But dignity isnt to expect from leftists looking for taking over…

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The evidence is coming out, it’s being slow-walked, but enough has come out that we all can see the truth already. If you don’t WANT to see it, you won’t.

Trump could declassify all of it, & it would all come out now, but he doesn’t because likely his attorney’s have advised him it would cause him more political trouble than it’s worth right now. I bet he will before he leaves office, or perhaps after he wins re-election. I doubt he will leave all that hanging, his personality, yea, he will do it…

What, that the DNC was biased in favor of their preferred candidate? Oooh giant scandalicious scandal. The Podesta emails showed nothing other than that, unless of course you’re among those imbeciles who think that it somehow proved there was a child sex ring because Podesta liked Pizza, which if you still beleive that debunked nonsense you have standing among the stupidest individuals on the entire planet.

But I’m sure you were talking about the DNC thing.

I can see just fine. Unlike you, I read all the sources from all sides. The believable facts always fall on the side that says your theory is utter nonsense.

Nice deflection, you didn’t even address his actual post.

Trumpist authoritarians starting to come out of the closet. Yell “coup” then seize power. Exactly what Russia would want. Collapse of democracy

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Nobody can help you if you have actually looked at both sides & still think as you do. I suspect it’s more on the level of you also think the ends justify the means, as long as your side wins, it doesn’t matter how you get there.

A hostile foreign power hacked into confidential servers (a crime), and released them to damage a specific political party with the express intent of helping a specific candidate, and quite possibly coordinated the releases of this stolen information with said candidate (conspiracy) in return for a promise to lift sanctions and do things beneficial to said hostile foreign power (treason).

This is the thing you people are arguing in favor for.

It’s also why I, a former loyal Republican, will never respect or vote for a Republican again.

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My God, the cognitive dissonance is actually painful. How can you possibly be this unaware?

Or, make up a fake dossier to lie to FISA court judges, bring up false charges & sick a 12 democrat prosecution team on the republican president, call for impeachment the day of inauguration, lie, break multiple laws, & exonerate a group who destroyed 30,000 emails of evidence, bleach bit, take hammers to phones, set up a private server to make an end run around the law, exposing national secrets, & then act like the new president is the one who committed crimes instead of the actual perpetrators, huh?

Ya totally and like get the entire FBI in on it, the entire Democratic party, all the courts, and hey Jeff sessions too and the justicedepartment. Oh yea also the CIA is in on it too.

So I’ll go ahead & put you down for the ends justifies the means category. Thanks for proving my assertion, you did just that, you just don’t realize it yet.

Like, literally every single thing on your list is false.

The leadership of all those agencies, & the DNC as well. Not the rank & file.

Think what you want.