The right wins in Italy

Don’t know much about Italian politics but seems noteworthy. First Sweden, now Italy - and this is Italy’s first female PM:

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Darn! I haven’t finished work on my stationary engine that runs on the tears of progressives!

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So not a coincidence


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She’s a fascist?

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No idea. Is she?

I wonder if anyone familiar with Italy can give some insights … is immigration fueling this shift, like elsewhere ? Economy ? What’s the current mood inside the country ? Is new government likely to be socially conservative as well as economically ?

No idea… interesting that someone on the right wins an election and you bring up fascism though.


The political spectrum isn’t linear but even overlapping graphs have fringes.

I pointed to a coincidence that literally started 100 years ago. That’s all. I know her politics. She is not Marie LaPen but for fascinating reasons

There was someone. I don’t know if he still visits the site

I think I remember who you’re talking about ; right, they haven’t been on of late

Pretty sure how he voted. He moved back to Italy last I heard.

Meloni’s politics seem more in line with the conservative positions of Churchill to me…with the exception of her not supporting imperialism.


you’re the one that brought it up.


Right. I am asking. Not claiming

Read the controversies section on her Wikipedia page. People can make their own mind about her.

I have family in Southern Italy and they are not thrilled with her winning but apart from that they really have no opinion. To them She is just another politician in a long line of Italian politicians who say they know what’s best for the country and very little ever changes.

I will “wait and see.”

She may well be completely harmless.

Or not.


Migration, Energy costs, inflation, crime same as in Sweden but by a larger margin. I wouldn’t call her a fascist she might earn the title hard right her party is to the right of the league a bit. Salvini’s party they didn’t do so well.


Here’s Giorgia Meloni and her position on various issues:

I find her “support for the traditional family” while an “unmarried mother” hypocritical, but hey, she isn’t my circus or my monkeys. It remains to be seen how she can lead Italy.

There was no question,

It was a definitive statement.

So we’re you just trolling?


Interesting mix of social"conservatism" (thinks there are only two genders)
and blaming financial speculators and . . . in conspiratorial manner attaching the two.

you didnt ask a question here

seems you were making a point

whatever it was