The richest 10% of households now represent 70% of all U.S. wealth

Look at this thrifty individual. He probably got all his money because he was so good at coloring in the lines when designing his moneybags shirt.

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Glad we have so many people here rushing to the defense of the ulta-wealthy. It makes me laugh.


It’s pretty remarkable all the con jobs they fall for.

No economic system succeeds if only a small percentage enjoys its success.

We live in a society. We are social creatures. When only a few ate perceived to be successful, people will seek alternatives.

Capitalism in the US is bound to fail if it succeeds only on making other systems look attractive.

Care to elaborate?

What con jobs and who exactly is perpetuating them?

What does that even mean??? What other systems look more attractive?

I cannot help you if you cannot interpret this simple sentence.

Good luck with the rest of your endeavors.

Well, on the more liberal side of things Sanders and Warren have a ton of proposed policies that could help address that.

Beyond that there is always nationalization of companies and industries.

There’s really a lot of things we can do about wealth inequality.

Good answer.

There will always be wealth inequality, it sucks but no matter the system it will be there.

I would rather focus on giving employees and consumers more protection so their incomes are better protected which will give them the chance to accumulate wealth.

I come from a family of 10 and we were dirt poor. My folks couldn’t afford much of anything, so I worked and put myself through college. My wife and I started out with all of our belongings in the back seat of her dilapidated old car. Many friends and family were in a very similar situation 45 years ago.

Fast forward 45 years and we find ourselves pushing up against the top 5% bracket, the only ones amongst our friends and family to have done so. What differentiates us from the others? Are we supposed to feel guilty for having made it to the top? Did we steal from them to get where we are?

When one talks about the wealthy getting richer, we are getting richer. That is a natural result of having our money work for us and continuing to make our life decisions.

And what about those decisions? Those decisions were conscious decisions we’ve made over the years. Those decisions had consequences, resulting in our current station in life. Are we to be punished for those decisions?

It has been said that a wealthy person could be stripped of their wealth and they would quickly find a way to rebuild it. It has also been said that a poor person who suddenly gains wealth will quickly squander that wealth and once again be poor.

I’ve seen that first hand among one of our friends. They came into a settlement for injuries they received in an automobile accident. They quickly went through all of that money and remain poor today. Its all about decisions one makes. Those decisions have consequences.

I work for a private company that was founded almost 100 years ago. The grandchildren are running that company today. They are among the wealthiest in this country. Their company employees over 50,000 people. My salary and compensation has put me in the position I’m in today. Many of my coworkers are most likely much better compensated than I am (I’m only guessing as our salary’s remain confidential). How many of them are as wealthy or are more wealthy than we are? How many of them have squandered their money and living pay check to pay check? Its all about decisions…….

In regards to the owners of the company I work for, are they fair game for Government to forcibly take their money?

What is the fairness class envy LIBs are looking for? I keep hearing about socialism, but even there a wealth gap exists. The difference being that the big Government is the 1% and everyone else lives in abject poverty. Is that what is being advocated by LIBs?

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Medicare for all. Wiping out student debt. End prison labor. End cash bail. All these would help.

These are only some of things we could do. Let your imagination run wild.

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So everyone becomes equally poor except for the big government bureaucrats?

No, what are you talking about?

That’s what socialism is all about. One only has to look at NK. KIM and his minions are in the 1%. Everyone else lives in abject poverty.

North Korea? I don’t think one of my examples was to adhere to Juche.

American was sort of founded in an aversion to the concentration of power yet here we are defending the city concentration of wealth in the hands of a few and the power that goes along with it. An we defend that as good and just and even patriotic at times.

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The most obvious and quickest solution to this is to stop flooding the country with poor immigrants, legal or illegal.

Of course wealth distribution is a poor method to judge equality or fairness. A person making $200,000 may spend most of it and even take on debt in a year and have less stored up wealth than someone making $100,000 a year who makes an effort to invest a significant amount of it every year.

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I don’t think this in the thread understand how wealthy those at the top really are where the wealth and power is truly amassed.