The Prince isn’t Happy About America

This is why American Patriots told your then King George to go ■■■■ himself you entitled blue noser.
No effin way this oaf ever sniffs the throne. What a maroon.

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Yea his family doesn’t even like him.

Thank god for his older brother William. He will steadily lead that family for years.

I kinda hope he leapfrogs over his father to replace the Queen when the time comes.

Oh you can bet she’s decreed that behind the scenes. She ain’t leaving that ship to Charles. He’s crap and she knows it.

Don’t worry Harry no one really likes you either.

I used to. Back when you were just doing your passion and helping wounded British veterans of Afghanistan.

What happened to you dude?

I’ve got a question.

Legally speaking could her majesty Elizabeth dissolve the monarchy?

I know the current holder can abdicate at any time they wish. And I know dissolution would never happen since the Windsors are quite popular.

But speaking hypothetically could she do that? Or would Parliament have a say in the matter?

I liked him better when he was the bad boy prince had a since of humor, drank and went to a party as a nazi.

The word whipped doesn’t even begin to describe him now.

Just because the Court pulls something from its butt that doesn’t mean it’s a right, or lawful for the federal to fo, etc.

a small number of people “weaponizing lies and disinformation at the expense of the many,”

^^^^^^^^^ I can’t argue with this. The sheoplization of the masses and Harry sees it too ^^^^^^^^^^^

Ha, that’s a great question. British constitution is unwritten and no idea if that concept is addressed in its non written manifestation.

I’m sure it’s been analyzed and fancy British thinkers have given opinions on it.

My thinking would be no, she cannot. But then again highly highly doubt parliament could do it either.

Both are required, it would take an act of parliament that would require Royal Assent.

But the monarchy is not going anywhere, it has modernized itself by pruning the civil list, taking less taxpayer money and paying more taxes.

Harry is pretty much an irrelevance in the UK now. Interesting to see how his wife has over time got him to sever connections with his family and friends and even got him to relocate to the US. He will not be able to see that until he is out of the marriage.

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If he’d have been wearing a fur suit under the “uniform” would the headline have been “Mein Furry”?


We fought a war against King George III because he shared his opinion on something?


Once again…the rage is all out of proportion to the occurrence that sparked the rage.

I find this phenomenon to be fascinating.

He went and got castrated (married).

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I’m not at all offended in like a patriotic sense by his speech (others might be, I dunno).

I just don’t like the guy. Easy for me to judge. But he walked out on his grandmother, future king brother, and all his responsibilities for a life that doesn’t seem to be all that different from what he was doing anyway.

Who said that?

What rage?

Didn’t he do that though because his family was treating his wife like ■■■■■ I’d tell them to get bent in that situation too

Yeah I couldn’t ever see that happening myself. They’re extremely popular.

I do wonder if Australia will ever declare itself a republic. The monarchy is less popular there than they are with Americans.

You believe that ■■■■■ :joy: