The price of . . . what? Air?

Let’s not forget there is more mass transit in Europe as an alternative. Many places in the US it isn’t possible. I don’t care if the gas prices are 9 bucks a gallon, it’s not affecting me. I just won’t travel much. Even this year our trip to Vermont is canceled. I’m not paying the prices in gasoline. If I need to waste money on something, it will not be gasoline.

Booze is way cheaper than gasoline.



Never once have i complained about paying to air up my tires.

Its convenient and easier now they have moved to accepting apple pay and cards.

I carry a manual air pump in my boot just in case of emergencies but who am I kidding, If i get a flat tire I know I am going to turn my man card in and call roadside assistance.

The only thing I do is check my lights and levels regularly.

Choice of gaming on my consoles/laptop or working on my car its going to gaming everytime.

You young whipper snapper you.

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