The President is finally bringing us together

“I think the problem for the Democrats right now is not that they have bad leaders. They have bad followers.”

Is everyone outside of the elite leadership of the Democratic Party a “bad follower” or worse?

Are we all some form of deplorable now?

The leaders and followers simply can’t hear each others’ mumble, garble with their masks on.

…am I deplorable for recognizing this truth? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Oh, I’ve heard this one before! lol

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After all the hate for wokies… this is kind of a weird position to take for the OP.

I like that. “Bad followers”. Democrats need to develop that for the next election. An excellent strategist.

The problem in getting their people to enthusiastically push for a new voting rights bill is that they can’t point to any people who should be allowed to vote who are not being allowed to vote. Everyone knows this so the excitement just isn’t there.


My thought…and then I ll be driving much of the day so rip away.

It’s both…I include in that list if “leaders” not just the politicians…I include the teachers, the professors, the media, big Hollywood and big tech.

The followers are a generation or two of Americans who grew up being lied to about climate, about America as a RACIST nation, who somehow bought into all the faculty lounge crap that is being turned into public policy that never actually works. Sadly somehow through all of the lies so many of our left wing friends have bought into they’ve come to believe themselves to be the smartest people on any room, even though the planet never flooded or overheated we aren’t a racist nation socialism still never works…and the list goes on…

The followers have failed to realize that the leaders are a collection of self serving dishonest clowns who lecture about saving the planet and wear your mask before they go dance maskless on their gas guzzling yachts.

IMHO the left is a screwed up mess right now…and it’s up to sane people to save the country until the kooks come to their senses.


I keep wondering…where are the specials on cnn featuring the “disenfranchised voters”?

It’s almost like they can’t find any.

It’s disingenuous as hell for the same libs who tell us the last election was practically perfect in every way to tell us people aren’t being allowed to vote after a record # of Americans voted in 2020.

Tells me there’s something else going on here!

Time to drive.

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