The Politics of the Handmaid's Tale

So I’ve been watching the series. I’m on episode 7.

At first glance it seemed to be about the patriarchy or a condemnation of religious fanaticism, maybe even Islam.

But as it goes on, the layers reveal themselves and show first perceptions to be small thinking. That it was women whose rights were taken using religious zealotry as an excuse is not the important point. You could use the same plot and substitute any subgroup and excuse.

It reminds me very much of Europe during WWII.

The point is the incrementalism. The convincing of the population to accept “measures for their own good.” The “well, that’s not so bad and it’s only temporary” - until it’s not.

There was a line from the commander:

Better never means better for everyone… It always means worse, for some.

Margaret Atwood

What a profound statement. And insight into the political system and ruling class.

I would offer that it is more often than not only better for “me and/or my group.”

This one simple truth sums up the failure of national policy decisions in a country the size of the United States. Why a “strong central government” with supreme power simply does not produce “a more perfect union.” It’s not a union.

It is why the anchor is so important and why we should not tolerate the rulers drifting away from it, as we have done.

There is a comment in the thread about the House using proxy voting, “The courts won’t touch it” or words to that effect. I agree, they won’t. Should they? What will the next escalation be? Just an example.

When the Final Arbiters are free to determine, of their own volition, what they will touch or not. When they are free to issue edicts through silence or without an accounting. When we have secret courts named by members of the courts. When we give away that kind of power with no demand for accountability to unelected rulers, what do we expect to happen? History tells us what the end result will be.

This recent emergency has given us a glimpse. Don’t be surprised to see legislation giving the ruling class the means to address the gaps in their power that scared them during this crisis. They will consolidate.

4 hours and nothing?

I read it. We are living this right now.

I got the same response on my Cyril Wecht call to end the shutdown.

Nothing. Means we are on to the core issue.

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Where is the thread?

It was moved to outside the beltway. I suppose since it is local politics. I consider Cyril Wecht a national figure. About 7 topics down zero replies.



Free is deciding if the Wuhan flu is up to the hype.

It isn’t.

Funny thing about Constitutional liberty.

It isn’t a want.

I read it, it is definitely political.

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I care about the infirm and the elderly so i am happy to wear a mask and give up eating at Applebee’s for a minute until we get this figured out.

You aren’t taking anything back. You look like petulant selfish children.


Human beings. We.

I’ve watched all three seasons, anxiously awaiting the fourth. I’ve also read almost all of Atwood’s books, I’m a big fan.

You should watch it again. You didn’t get it.

A theocratic right wing fundamentalist government trying to tell women what to do with their bodies written in 1985. It’s not some huge mystery. Take it up with the author if you think it’s small minded.

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Your interpretation is small minded. You are doing exactly what @LucyLou claimed “conz men” are doing.

I will read the books. If she is being small minded as you are, I will take it up with her.

I have no doubt you believe Starship Troopers is about insects from outer space.

You want people to rush and discuss your profound interpretation of a book from the 80s(that you didn’t read) and a series that has three seasons because you were just now able now to watch it because of Watchathon?


No I’m sure starship troopers also is some justification for conservative persecution complex like every other movie.


I want somebody to be able to discuss, like an adult, this:

Better never means better for everyone… It always means worse, for some.

In the context of the US political system, form of government, progressivism, and the current situation due to the reaction to the corona virus epidemic. The degradation of individual rights in the name of the common good. Never letting a good crisis go to waste. The Nazi occupation of Germany then Europe and how they did it. Drift into failure. Moral foundations.

Are you the guy I’m looking for?

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Who, besides you and your sidekicks, have said a single word about conservative anything, much less persecution?

You haven’t read it?

You collectively can’t even watch 7 episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale without looking at it through your collectively privileged glasses and your collective rush to make it all about yourselves.

It’s about what “we” do to those who have zero power, have never had power, and even when they start to get a modicum of power, “we” will do anything to take that power away and keep them at the bottom.

The fact that you collectively immediately run headlong into making yourselves victims just like the handmaids speaks volumes. Volumes that you collectively will never see or hear because apparently, collectively you can’t.

I’m done here because apparently I make people whimper, so no more wasting my time.