The Politics Forum and What Makes a Good Political Thread

And there you have it. You dont want to discuss this or be open to feedback. Its just more and more micromanagement. Something you used to be critical of.

You are in practically every thread giving out “good post” and “keep on track”.

Again I get what you are trying to do but ts going to backfire.

So can you guarantee that your OP will not become the minimum standard for creating a thread in politics or replying?


I just looked at it - it looks like any other big thread that’s on this forum. Yet only a few threads get the honor of being in “Fever Dreams”? I’m still puzzled by what exactly set the Axios thread apart from any other.


I read your feedback. I don’t consider I don’t wanna and good time to be much feedback.

If you don’t want to, don’t.

Guarantee? I don’t set the minimum standards around here. Are you asking me if I’ll guarantee your posts won’t end up somewhere else? Then no.

I am offering suggestions to keep that from happening, but it’s up to you.

He’s already stated that this is a suggestion. So basically, you’ve already got it in writing.

Had to start somewhere. I thought you did a good job on the OP.

That’s such a wildly subjective comment with no real explanation behind it. I’ve never tried to troll anything posting here in 16 years. Yet I was suspended for “trolling” and have had posts moved to a “fever dream” sub-forum. No explanation other than “no trolling allowed” or “trolling into nonsense.” These are not explanations. These are subjective interpretations that are not shared by everyone.

Sure, as moderator you now have the keys to the kingdom. It’s your rules and your playground. But without clear direction these new rules, and make no mistake they are absolutely new rules, will just further strangle this place into oblivion.

It’s like the NRA thread. The AG specifically cited the Trump charity as an example of corruption within an organization in NY that was dissolved due to mismanagement. But when posters reference the words used by the AG in the filing, we are warned with Mod notes and posts are deleted or sent into the basement. Accusations of trolling are brought forth once again. For referencing a valid link to the situation and acknowledging words used by the source of the discussion. There is no logic in that.

If a return to heavy-handed, micromanaging moderation is the objective, then it seems it is being achieved. It would at least be nice to see the new mod team admit as much though. Rather than hide behind the arbitrary accusation of “trolling.”

Just my $0.02.


Endless trolling. It’s in the fever dreams “About the fever dreams category” thread. It’s the sticky.

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Was it? Strange, that’s not how I remember it.

An argument over whether Macey’s was boarded up and BLM salaries?

You’re sending good OPs to the Fever Dreams forum?

Doesn’t seem like much of an incentive.


I see the totality of my post was given the attention and consideration I expected, even if not what I had hoped for. So be it.


The other posters dragged your OP into oblivion.

These rules aren’t new. They were written by SCB 5 years ago. I copied and pasted them directly from the old board. We’ve added a few things here and there, but in an effort to loosen rather than restrict.

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I went and looked. And added to it.

Come on dude. The forum has never been micromanaged in this way not even back in the day when Lee reigned supreme.

Are you honestly telling us that there is no micromanagement going on?

Like Neb said you guys makes the rules but be open and honest about it. If the forum is going in a direction where only one type of poster is wanted thats fair enough but be honest.


Again, this accusation of trolling is not an explanation. I still have no idea what you consider to be trolling versus what I consider to be trolling. It’s such a wildly subjective thing and without clear direction, everyone here is just blindly guessing at what you guys mean.

I don’t consider discussing the dissolution of the Trump charity in the NRA thread to be trolling. The AG specifically referred to it in her filing and her statements on the issue. The agreement by the Trump charity to dissolve was based on the exact same principles and accusations being made against the NRA. Both are happening in NY, under the charge of the same AG.

To you guys anyone bringing up the Trump charity in that thread is “trolling.” To me, the Trump charity is not only on topic in that thread, but integral to the discussion in a variety of ways.

How can anyone here logically be expected to understand what “trolling” is defined as by you all, when this is the case and you refuse to explain it for the posters here?

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First two sentences are an insult. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be here.

That’s why we’re have.

Moderation is as heavy or light as you guys make it. It’s still light starting off.

When somebody puts in the effort to make a good post and in the 2nd or 10th post it turns into Trump sucks HaHa! Or Biden’s Mental Gaha! And here comes the troll show, it’s disrespectful to those that try.

I agree with your assessment of the basics for a quality thread. Topics that start with an OP that includes a link to info relevant to what their post is about and their own opinion on the story is a solid start to discussion. Simply dumping a news article without subtext feels like stirring the pot and an attempt to not put forth effort explaining their position and running away. Off topic posts are a real drain to navigate through to find points of interest. Trolling is subjectively entertaining, yet I see that while a lot of posters want increased quality in discourse, a lot also want to be able to troll and be as cheeky as possible.

The posters on this site have proven at times to be able to maintain civil political dialogue, with the normal rabble rousers interjecting. Going about splicing rabble rousers and off-topic posts into the recycling bin without a lot of transparency to what the new standard of excellence the political forum must achieve is really counter productive. Naming that recycling bin “Fever Dreams” is insulting and a waste of a good attempt to accomplish your goal as it breeds non-compliance. Why not create a “Casual Political” category with less moderation that allows for trolling but is also focused on political topics? If you chose to separate those here for entertainment without an avenue for them to express themselves, they will either try harder or leave.


My question was can the guarantee be made that this suggestion in the OP will not become a New minimum standard.

I think you got some of the obvious ones. Let me add a few more:

  • Respect
  • Civility
  • Sincerity/Honesty

No matter your position, a good discussion cannot be conducted without these three qualities.

One that might be a precursor to these would be purpose. What purpose does a discussion have? Often times, political discussions are (or should be) the means where people reached common ground that would satisfy everyone. It’s what the Founding Fathers did when discussing the Constitution.

It really bothers me when people blatantly troll, as it not only destroys the potential for a good discussion, but it also runs people out of town and out of dodge.

The CF thread started by @hwyflier about his post in the NRA thread, which was deemed trolling is a completely new rule. His post was conducive to debate, was topical, had an appropriate link for support, furthered the conversation, etc. This is completely new stuff man.