The Payoff! One to watch

Watch and see. I predict a change in the Senator’s voting.


Shocking. Just shocking.

no worries, we all know lefties don’t care a whit about political payola.

I dunno, he could have appointed his wife transportation Secretary.


Could have, was there some daylight between what Trump was doing and what Mcconnell was pushing in the Senate before that? Was Cho unqualified or had she served before? Aside from that, whataboutism isn’t what this is about, watching Joe Manchin change his position on key items is.

The irony considering what orange man did.

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Meh. It it’s a perceived problem, don’t confirm her


whataboutism is not an answer, its an excuse.

If you dont like how Biden does business next time pick a better opposing candidate.

Biden? Threads not about him. Payola is expected, its about watching Manchin sell his soul.


I think it’s more likely that Manchin will begin to change his positions as he comes to terms with the fact that this is his last term as democratic senator from West Virginia

didn’t have to be. he could have just followed what he says he believes in and became a rino. instead he’s chosen to subject WV to leftist hegemony

How about our late great transportation (and labor) secretary under trump (and bush) Elizabeth chao.

Talk. About payola. One diffe®ence however.


whataboutism… is that all you got?

bigger difference, she was qualified

She was very qualified. She married her qualifications.


makes no difference, this ain’t about McConnell, its about Manchin.

Nice. The next step to single party tyranny.

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I am not a fan of patronage positions. I understand why they happen… but not a fan.

The irony of a Trump supporter all of a sudden complaining about it is bonkers.

Remember, the criteria is whether it is legal or not. That was the criteria for the last four years and I don’t recall you complaining.