The Pay Off - Campaign Finance, Public Coffers and Other Schemes

This thread is not about what is legal or “technically not a crime.” It is about ethics and what is right.

They all do it. No one is clean.

Clyburn bragged about getting Brandon elected.

And after winning the election, President Biden nominated the congressman’s daughter, Clyburn Reed, a former teacher, as federal co-chair of the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission in 2021.

In December of that year, the Senate narrowly approved her for the position, which works to relieve economic hardship in the southeastern United States.

This is blatant.

Need a law change?


And we let them.

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Yep…and I’m confident they’ll do it right after they outlaw insider trading and give themselves term limits.


There is usually only one eventual outcome…

We’re ok with emoluments?

Not really…just don’t know how to stop em.


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Uh oh

Uh oh what? You think Garland will go after him or dems would impeach him? More likely people will be silenced on social media if they mention it.

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