The Official US National Debt Thread

I remember in teh Obama years pointing out how rare a declining debt was. No one cared.

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Fortunately for you I have three minutes before I intend to get some sleep. There is no need to extrapolate Obama’s total debt figure. You have provided what the actual figure is. Hopefully, you get that.

Next the debt accrued during Obama’s presidency is over 8 years. Again I hope you get that.

Then we come to Trump. You have provided a figure for one year only. The most reasonable extrapolation method is to multiply the one year to get an extrapolated figure over 8 years.

Let me point out once again I do not claim that at the end of Trump’s period as president my extrapolation will be accurate.

Not if you want to use natural logarithms, the 5th root of 12,345 and add Planck’s constant to come up with a different value, then go for it.

The fiscal year also runs past the president’s term in office, so it equals out.

The national debt always goes up no political party stops it and why should they you can’t win an election saying “Were going to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in order to try an reduce the national debt”.

I remember very clearly Obama appointing the Simpson and Bowles non partisan committee to study the problem and they came back and said we must dramatically lower spending and raise taxes it takes both. They were quietly shoved under the rug and this is when the national debt was around 11 trillion. I’m not blaming just Obama idiot W Bush took us into a war that cost a trillion dollars.

At this point party it up.

If we could control spending, economic growth could get us out of it. The economy grows over time and tax receipts go up, even without raising taxes. Yet we keep spending more and more, outpacing growth considerably.

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I don’t really know the answer or even if there is one at this point. Obama had the right idea forming a committee to find the problem and solution but nothing was done about it.

Maybe we could have gotten out of it before with just economic growth and decreased spending, and it pains me to say this as a conservative but I think we are past that point. This chart is just bad no matter how one looks at it, when the next recession/depression hits it will be bad.

No there is not.

Yes we do know. AND we know the exact amount for each year.

No it’s not. As proven by Obama’s 8 years, that would be an incorrect assumption. To extrapolate, take the first year debt of the president’s I’ve listed above. Find out how far off each “extrapolation of first year debt x number of years president” is off (example obama 51%) Then find the average amount it’s off, and then take that off Trumps 8 years times 1 year. THAT would be an extrapolation that would be far more accurate than just well x 8 years of his first debt.

As I just explained, you could get a far more accurate prediction of what might be expected.

I get it, you don’t like trump. It’s clear from your posts. So you are picking a meathod that more than likely will be VERY far off from reality.

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Both extrapolations are erroneous and silly quite frankly. We cannot know what Trump’s next year deficit will be or years after that if he is elected again. All we can know is the present, and at present, spending is up while tax receipts are down, significantly.

Just for fun here are the numbers from Treasury direct.

first line the 1st year actual
second line as you did with Trump 1st year x number of years in office
third line actrual for number of years in office
fourth line difference between estimate and actual

Then I figured average two ways. with all the presidents. Then leaving off the highest and the lowest.

1st year - 81 billion
8 year x 81 billion = 648 billion
8 year actual = 600 billion
92% of what your trump estimate

1st year - 300 billion
8yr time 8 - 2.4 trillion
8 year actual - 1.8 trillion
75% of what your trump extimate

George H
1st year - 500 billion
4yr estime - 2 trillion
4 yr actual - 1.5 trillion

1st year - 300 billion
1yr x 8 - 2.4 trillion
8 yr actual - 1.5 trillion

George W
1st year - 400 billion
8yr estimate - 3.2 trillion
8yr actual - 6.3 trillion
196% higher

1st year - 1.7
1yr x 8 = 13.6
8yr actual - 6.9

so the average 92%
Take ou the high and low - 76%

This statement is false. We’ve had plenty of presidential administrations that have not exploded the debt or ran a tiny deficit.

Now, if you only consider from, say, when Ronald Reagan cut taxes and exploded the debt, then that’s true. So since the seventies or eighties no president or Congress has lowered the debt.

When and where?

Even billy boy clinton increased the national debt by 1.5 trillion dollars over 8 years.

Last time National debt was reduced was in the 40’s

Where is the damn tea party at?

At Trump rallies.

They were never about fiscal responsibility.

Because the R behind Trump’s name = blank check

Based on the link you provided.
Obama’s final budget 9/30/2016 - 9/30/2017
Beginning $19.5 trillion - $20.2 trillion = $0.7 trillion

Trump budget 9/30/17 -9/3-/18
Beginning $20.2 trillion - $21.5 trillion = $1.3 trillion

Trump almost doubled the debt his first year. How did that happen?

Politician stupidity

Donald Trump has never been good with money.

Either his daddy or the federal government has bailed him out over and over.

Link to the federal government bailing out Trump. Please and thank you.

There are a lot of links out there to show how much the government has spent at Trump properties. Here’s one. How many do you need?

That’s not bailing him out. Oh brother.