The Next World Financial Meltdown is Ready to Explode Again

I hope you ARE right and I’m wrong…LOL I think it will be very deep recession and we won’t crawl out of it any time soon. I say hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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I accept gold or silver in my business.

That is fascinating (not being sarcastic) How does that work? Do you have pricing that gives the cost in dollars and then silver and gold? I assume you accept dollars. Do you get a lot of people wanting to pay in gold and silver?

Why would it be a trick question or gaslighting?

Why do you assume the worst of everyone?

You did write “What difference are we supposed to be seeing?” [between Federal Reserve Notes and United States Dollars]

Your response is like asking, what is the difference between day and night.


The Federal Reserve Note is losing its “value”. Not the United States “dollar” as we are fraudulently led to believe.

It was a genuine question. No need to act like an arse about it.

According to you.

No, the current stuff is just the dems giving out money to their friends as usual. It’s a greed sci-op.


Dollar value. No, I don’t get many who want to pay like that, but I have accepted that kind of deal. I just put the dollar amount in the contract no mention of the alternate payment, then give a receipt in dollar amount. I can’t do it for the entire price if it’s a big job, but I will for small ones or part payment. The bookkeeper just gets the dollar amounts to keep the books straight.

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I wouldn’t be interested in those…I just don’t know enough about them…

Just remember 11 dimes per ounce of silver and you’ll be within the margins of error. Or in other words…… $1.10 face value of coins = 1oz pure pretty dang close.

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Spot silver price is $22 today.

So $0.20 “junk silver” (old coins with no other claimed value) would be about $4 a gallon.

Have to be $0.15 a gallon in these parts to not be paying too much.

Would it actually benefit a business owner to sell gas in this way. I assume that he would be selling those pre 63 coins for their silver content. Obviously someone buying them will want to buy them at lowers possible cost and there is time involved in selling them and perhaps fees?


The point was to illustrate there is a vast difference between Federal Reserve Notes and United States Dollars.


“Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring class of mankind, none have been more effectual than that which deludes them with paper money. This is the most effectual of inventions to fertilize the rich man’s field by the sweat of the poor man’s brow.” __ Senator Daniel Webster, DEBATING THE BANK BILL, May 25th, 1832

In the 1990’s I was trading in 6 Federal Reserve Notes [one dollar denomination] for one United States Dollar. That was one of the best investments I made over the years.


No fees for buying or selling silver that that I’m aware of.

That said, and granted there would be few people besides kids raiding their parent’s old coins for spending money (believe me, it happens. The twerps don’t care, they just want their stupid cola), on paper he would be taking a loss for every such transaction since he would only be selling gas at “twenty cents”.

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Cheers for that information. Interesting topic.

Nobody is against proper regulation. If they were, they would be in favor of things like embezzlement.

I, for one, favor a ban on variable mortgages on houses less than 1 million dollars. I also favor a ban on using loans to buy stock.

What I don’t favor is overregulation in the form of stuff like Dodd-Frank which is frankly unnecessary. It failed to solve the subprime crisis at all, and instead created new problems that are biting us in the rear in this current crisis.