The New Movie Uncut Gems

I saw the new movie Uncut Gems today, and I absolutely loved it!

Adam Sandler delivered a fantastic performance. I also loved the performance by the supporting cast as well.

It’s such a wonderful movie to watch.

I definitely recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an A-.


Finally got to see it, and agree that Sandler was superb in a very fast-paced film. What an oversight that Sandler didn’t get a Best Actor nomination.

Last night we streamed Good Time, by the same brothers who made “Uncut Gems” - it’s not quite as good, a bit more unfocused, but the star, Robert Pattinson (the Twilight movies) gives a great performance. Both films rely very heavily on the lead actor to carry the film, and in both cases, they were well chosen.